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Door Entry Systems for Residential and Offices

Access controlEntry systems solution for homes and businesses including audio and video entry systems with one or multiple call buttons, keypad or proximity reader professionally installed at competitive prices with parts and labour guarantee and NSI certificate.

Eagle security solutions provide a wide range of quality door entry systems such as BPT, Videx, Comelit, ACT, Bitron and Daitem wireless intercom systems.


Intercom Systems

We provide a wide range of audio entry systems for residential and commercial premises featuring two way voice communications between the outdoor entrance panels and the internal handsets with electric door lock release button to open the door from the handset.

All prices include installation and are subject to VAT @ 20%

BPT Audio Entry

BPT 1-Way Audio Entry with Keypad

BPT audio entry
  • BPT audio panel
  • Lynea handset with lock release button
  • 2-Way voice communication
  • Control unit and PSU
BPT audio entry with keypad
  • BPT Targha audio panel with keypad
  • Lynea handset with lock release button
  • Two way voice communication
  • Control unit and PSU

Wireless Door Phone Intercom (AES 602)

Daitem Wireless Door Entry System

AES 602 wireless door phone
  • Audio panel & transmitter
  • Stylish portable telephone handset
  • 80 metres expected radio range
  • Add up to 3 more handsets as extras
Daitem wireless door intercom system
  • Daitem Caller unit + proximity reader
  • Wireless rechargeable handset
  • 1 TAGID proximity card
  • Charging base - 5 years battery life

Hands free Video Door Entry

SRS Wireless Video Door Intercom

Door knox hands free video entry
  • Colour camera door unit
  • Slimline 7” LCD monitor
  • 2 Way Hands free intercom
  • Up to 4 monitors (not included)
SRS wireless colour video intercom
  • Camera unit with 1 call button
  • Black monitor with unlock button
  • Stores up to 255 visitor images
  • 2.4 GHz wireless technology

Vu-Com Pro Wireless Video Door Phone

AES 605 Wireless Video Entry

Vu-Com Pro wireless video entry
  • Vu-Com Pro Camera call station
  • Built-in prox reader + 2 cards
  • Wireless colour video handset
  • Electric door release function
AES 605 wireless video entry system
  • Colour camera with night vision
  • Stylish, portable colour handset
  • Neon blue button illumination
  • Stores voice messages/images

BPT 1 way Thangram Video Entry

Comelit Planux Video Entry (iPower)

BPT Thangram video entry system
  • BPT 1 Button Thangram panel
  • Colour Ophera Monitor (white)
  • Power supply unit
  • BPT 2 wire technology
Comelit planux hands free video
  • Comelit iPower Entrance panel
  • Planux colour monitor (black)
  • Lock release and auxiliary button
  • Power supply unit


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