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Wireless Alarm Systems

Wireless home securityEagle security solutions provide quality wireless alarm systems to protect homes and offices in Greater London and Home Counties. Our range of wireless security solutions include Honeywell G2, Honeywell Domonial, Risco Agility and Visonic PowerMax Complete. The wireless home alarms can be installed as bells only, connected to send messages to mobile phones and or linked to our remote central station for 24 hrs alarm monitoring.

Wireless alarm systems are perfect security solutions for flats, apartments and large houses where extensive wiring can be an issue. Wireless enables a clean and tidy installation with no visible wiring around the home. Eagle wireless alarm systems are reliable with no interference from mobile phones, wireless broadband or other radio transmissions in and around the home.


Visonic powermax-pro wireless

Visonic Powermax Wireless Solutions

A simple, fast and reliable wireless security alarm featuring sleek design, on-board voice dialler and optional internal GSM and GPRS modules, ideal for homes and small offices.

From £495.00

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Risco Agility wireless alarm

Risco Agility Wireless Alarm

A flexible and complete wireless security solution incorporating advanced 2-way wireless technology, voice dialler and GSM option, ideal for residential and small business applications.

From £595.00

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honeywell G2 wireless alarm

Honeywell Wireless Alarms

Honeywell's range of wireless solutions include Honeywell G2, a fully hybrid system offering support for both wired and wireless sensors with the familiar Galaxy user friendly keypad and Honeywell Domonial, a complete wireless solution. Honeywell G2 hybrid system is reliable and highly recommended.

From £499.00

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Benefits of Wireless Burglar Alarms

There are some misgivings surrounding wireless security systems ranging from whether they work properly, whether they are reliable, if they can be hacked and if they are approved by insurers. To some extent, these misgivings are true of some wireless systems in the market , particularly the ungraded cheap imports, Do-it-Yourself systems.

Eagle security solutions range of wireless intruder alarms are professional grade, reliable, insurance approved and are compliant with European & British Standards EN50131 / PD6662 Grade 2, DD243 and BS 6799. This class of wireless alarms has many benefits over the traditional hard wired alarm systems, such benefits include:

  • Ease and convenience of installation
  • Lack of cables means minimum disruptions to interior decors during installation and security is enhanced as there are no wires to cut by intruders
  • Wireless alarm systems are portable should they need to be relocated, versatile as they incorporate other functions than just burglar alarms, and expandable allowing for more sensors to be added easily at a later date.
  • Compatibility with modern technologies which permits two-way voice communication and arming and disarming of system remotely via mobile phones.

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