4 Home Security Trends That Will Keep You Safe in 2019

What is the definition of the best home security?


Previously, a good neighbourhood was enough to ensure you stay protected. Most you had to do was place an iron bolt at your gate.

 But with time burglary spread all over the UK and the burglars started to get past every barrier you placed. This opened doors for technologically inclined home security systems that alerted you and the police of the trespasser’s arrival.

Now, home security systems keep evolving every year to bring something bigger and better.


Let’s look at how security companies are finding new ways to offer you the best home security.


1.  Smart Surveillance

Surveillance cameras have become an essential part of the home security kit. This year, you’ll see them turning from average recorders to highly intelligent devices that track the intruder.


What does that mean?

  • Facial recognition
  • Detecting suspicious packages
  • Alerting you of any movements near the door

In short, these cameras will work around the clock and notify you of any suspicious people lurking on your lawn.


2.  Password Please

Ditch your old school locks for biometric home security.

Most high-profile companies have already switched over to this security system. It is an automated lock system that identifies people with the help of certain markers (e.g. fingerprint, palm print, facial recognition or signature). This means only you or a selected group can enter the premises when alone. Not only does it discourage trespassing but it is also hacker-proof.

Believe us, you don’t have to worry about losing keys or changing passwords when you have biometric barrier guarding your doors.


3. Smash-Proof Security Alarms

You might have a top-notch security system but it can’t withstand the pressure of a burglar’s presence. That’s because most tech-savvy burglars can easily disable the security system before they step into your house. Others might use a weapon to smash the control panel into pieces as soon as they enter. In both cases, you are doomed!


However, the latest models of security system have added ‘anti-smash and crash’ technology. This feature keeps the alarm intact in spite of a broken control panel. So you can be certain that help will be on the way even after the burglar has done his damage.


4. Geo-Fence

You might have heard the buzz about geo-fencing in a business catalogue.  Yet, you may not know about its functionality on the home front. This spectacular security software administers home appliances, thermostats and synchronizes with smart devices you own. So you can monitor your house even when you aren’t home.


It allows you to:

  •  Get notified when your children go in and out the premises
  • Turn off the appliances when you leave the house
  • Have multiple modes and perquisite settings that keep the house guarded at all times

In conclusion, investing in the rapid progression of home security systems is the best way to keep those invasive stalkers and burglars off your lawns.

So what are you waiting for? Go give your house an upgrade!

Need a security solution? The folks at Eagle Security Solutions are always ready to assist you in all your security needs.

Why Every Business Needs A CCTV System

Are you a business owner who prioritizes safety and security for your business? It doesn’t matter whether the answer to the question is a yes or no because having a professional security system is vital for business success.

The most efficient way of making your business premises secure is by installing a CCTV system. CCTV systems will allow you to monitor your entire business without employing a lot of labor. They are reliable and accountable in keeping your businesses safe. Here’s why you need CCTV systems for the growth of your business:

Cost Effective

Getting CCTV systems installed is cost-effective in various ways. With CCTV cameras monitoring the premises of your business, you wouldn’t need to hire guards for protecting different areas of the premises. CCTV cameras will be a one-time investment, which will save you from the cost of manual labor. Moreover, with CCTV cameras installed, the risks of burglary and theft would reduce significantly preventing any costly incidents.

Decrease in Crime

Most criminals target places which don’t have any surveillance tools. These areas are easy to rob as the chances of being caught are less. However, if your business is secured with an efficient CCTV system, no criminal would dare to rob it as the chances of getting caught with proof of the crime recorded on camera would be high.

Full Coverage

Sometimes, burglars tend to take advantage of inevitable human errors, such as the guard being busy. This can be avoided if you have an efficient CCTV system installed in your office as they provide full coverage at all times. CCTV cameras are installed everywhere and ensure they cover the blind spots for other cameras. In this way, you business becomes completely secure from robbery.

Promotes Honesty and Trust

With CCTV cameras monitoring the entire place at all times, the employees will develop a sense of trust that none of their personal belongings will be stolen. Even if such an incident occurs, no wrong accusations will be placed on anyone as all the proof is available on the CCTV cameras. Moreover, employees themselves also behave honestly because they know they are being monitored.

Increase in Employee Productivity

CCTV cameras offer various other in-house benefits besides keeping the premises secure. With the employees aware they are being monitored and their bosses can see how much work they’re doing, they make an extra effort and work harder. The overall productivity in the workplace increases.

Peace of Mind

Installing CCTV systems gives a peace of mind to both the employees and the business owner as they guarantee complete protection of the business at all times. This reduces the stress levels in the office.

Every business is installing CCTV systems in their offices as it has become extremely crucial for ensuring everyone’s safety. If you are looking for a company that offers the most proficient CCTV systems then visit Eagle Security Solutions today!

Why Are Commercial Alarms Important for Your Business?

Every business needs to install a professional security system to prevent thefts and robberies. Moreover, it also helps in saving time and money for your business. Many people have started installing security alarms at their business premises. Here’s why getting a commercial alarm is extremely important:

Protect Assets of the Business

If you invest some money in installing commercial alarms, you will actually be protecting the assets of your company that cost thousands to million dollars. Commercial alarms will alert you as soon as there is a break in so that you can react swiftly to protect the assets of your business. Moreover, you can put extra protection on highly valuable assets of your business by giving access to it to a limited and trusted number of people through special coding. If someone outside this group tries to access it, your commercial alarm will immediately notify you.

Security Updates

There can come a time when you will need security updates from your staff, especially if a robber breaks into your premises. This usually happens at night time. You don’t need to worry about such a situation as today’s technology offers you security updates on your phone and laptops. So, in the unfortunate case of theft while you’re away from your business, you’ll be updated on your phone or email through the advanced and sensitive security system.

Development of Trust

With a place safely secured by commercial alarms, businesses can have safe cash flows without the fear of getting robbed. These alarms also prevent unethical employees from being dishonest in cash flows as they know their movements are being monitored.

Encourage a Safer Workplace

A commercial alarm system ensures the safety of the workplace and makes employees feel comfortable and secure in the office especially when they’re working late or at odd hours. Thus, a safer environment is developed making the employees feel safer at work.

Improve Work Productivity

In most cases, the commercial alarm is monitored and administered by a security agency. Thus, with focus on security in the hands of an agency, you can work on developing your core business and work on getting new customers. This way you attention won’t be divided between running the business and keeping it secure. This will increase the overall work productivity of your business.

Reputation of the Business

A commercial alarm plays a significant role in establishing a good reputation for a business and attracting more customers. Your customers would feel safe in doing business with a place that has commercial alarms installed and values the safety of its customers.

In conclusion, it is necessary for businesses to install efficient security systems for their own growth and success. They should start off with installing commercial alarms by availing the services of Eagle Security Solutions.

The Common Problems with CCTV Cameras and How to Troubleshoot Them

Looking to install security equipment at home to keep the intruders at bay? CCTV cameras can just be the thing you’re looking for.

While CCTV cameras are definitely effective, they may have some flaws. Unless you know how to troubleshoot those issues, you should call professionals to repair CCTV cameras.

Here are some common issues that arise with security cameras and how you can fix them:

The LEDs Aren’t Lighting Up

LEDs on IP cameras indicate the transmission of data across the network. If the LEDs aren’t lighting up, it can be due to a disconnected lead or the network may be temporarily down.

Whether the camera is powered by a battery or works with electricity, make sure it receives the appropriate wattage.
You Can’t Connect to Your IP Camera

IP surveillance cameras facilitate you to watch live CCTV footage on your smartphone. But if you can’t access the camera via the network, it indicates something is wrong with the security system.

Find out the IP address of the camera. Open the DOS command prompt on your PC and enter ‘ping’ and this IP address. If you can ping but can’t connect with the IP camera, then you may be entering wrong login credentials.

However, if the message “Request Time Out” appears, then it means the device isn’t configured properly on the network.

False Alarms

You installed a security camera in your backyard to enhance security, but it generates an alarm when birds fly past it or tree branches move with the wind. It’s referred to as a false alarm.

False security alarms are usually produced due to the wrong installation of devices or malfunctioning of the system. You can use its mask feature to prevent false alarms. But if you don’t know how to activate this feature, then the best option is to contact a professional security service provider.

Videos or Images Are Blurred
If CCTV images and videos are blurred, then you should clean its lens. The accumulation of dirt or dust and spider webs can affect the quality of videos.

For varifocal security cameras, you need to adjust the focus and zoom settings from time to time. Otherwise, the images and videos from CCTV cameras may not be clear.

Images and Videos Are Too Dark
If videos or images from CCTV cameras are too dark, then you can resolve the issue by customizing its settings. Adjust its brightness and contrast levels or install it to another location where it can capture brighter images. If the camera has an adjustable sunlight, slide it backward to let in more light.

Resolution settings of CCTV cameras also affect the quality of videos and images. If your camera is equipped with a low-quality lens, it won’t be able to record clear videos or images. If you’re using a lens of 4-megapixels or more, the resolution settings should be at least 1920×1080.

You can resolve minor issues with CCTV cameras on your own. But for more complex problems, your best bet is to get in touch with professional CCTV maintenance services.

The Benefits of Installing Burglar Alarms

Some people believe that burglar alarms are not worth the cost and hassle as they are not effective. However, this is not at all the case.

Burglar alarms are crucial to ensure the safety and security of you and your family. They inculcate fear in  the minds of burglars and can reduce the risk of robbery at your place.

Burglar alarm installation

Apart from protecting your home and its valuables, burglar alarms offer various other benefits. Here’s why you should install a burglar alarm in your home:

 Prevents a Burglary from Happening

In several cases, the chance of a burglary has decreased in a home with a burglar alarm installed. Just the presence of a burglar alarm prevents burglars from entering a house and they end up targeting the houses that do not have this security system installed. To prevent burglars from entering your place, you need to secure it by installing a burglar alarm.

Increases the Value of your Property

If you are planning on selling your house, you are likely to get a good resale price on it if it is fully secured. A secure house has burglar alarms installed as they ensure maximum security from threats of intruders. Many property buyers aim to buy a secure and safe house that can protect them from outside invasion. Thus, a burglar alarm can significantly increase the value of your home.

Saves Cost for Home Insurance

When your house is protected, it won’t be targeted by burglars. The presence of burglar alarms prevents robbery and theft. This can result in lower insurance premiums and the overall insurance cost of your home will decline. In this way, you get to keep your home protected at a low cost with the onetime investment of installing a burglar alarm.

Provides a Sense of Comfort

Burglar alarms provide a sense of comfort to homeowners as they are assured that their homes and valuables are safe and protected from burglars at all times, even when they are not home.

What Are The Different Types of Burglar Alarms?

There are many different types of burglar alarms available; however, the right one depends on your specific needs and requirements. It also depends on your living conditions and where and how you live. Thus, you need to first list down what kind of security levels you want for your home before getting a burglar alarm installed.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, installing a burglar alarm is not a luxury but a necessity. It can make your home safer and more secure. If you are wondering where you could avail the services of burglar alarm installation then, visit Eagle Security Solutions.

3 Terrific Reasons Why Installing Security Systems in Schools Has Become a Necessity

The United Kingdom has not seen a mass school shooting since 1996. But the devastating school oriented massacres from across the pond have definitely got parents unhinged about their child’s safety

security systems in schools

Does your school have a good security system?  If the answer is no, then you need to invest in a high-end security system right this instant.

The United Kingdom might not be a victim of mass school shootings in this era. But you shouldn’t allow these statistics to lull you into a deep slumber. That’s because the stakes are always high when kids are involved.

Here are some of the many ways security systems in schools are making lives easier for the staff and administration:

1.  The Whole Nine Yards

It doesn’t matter if your school campus is big or small.  We feel that surveying every nook and cranny of your institute isn’t exactly a one-man job.

Therefore, it is better to have surveillance cameras installed in all the important places of the campus (e.g. main entrances and exits, busy corridors, restricted sections). This allows your security team to keep an eye on every inch and corner of the premises without limitations. And notify authorities as soon as a stranger walks through the doors.

2. Monitored Access

Is your school still using keys for its classrooms? Ditch them this instance for a streamlined approach that saves time and optimizes protection.

Many schools have started to go keyless by installing a school access control system. This nifty system allows you to monitor the movements of teachers and students alike. As you’ll know who is accessing the different rooms at what times. Plus, it eliminates the hassle of carrying a bunch of keys or waiting for the janitor top open doors.

Moreover, ID badges and proper access cards could be used to control that staff members/teachers/ student are able to unlock a few chosen rooms. This limits the chances of janitors raiding the supply closet or students misusing the equipment. Plus, you can put the school into lockdown with by pressing just one button.

3. Safe and Secure

A well-integrated security system can help you get notified when some trouble brews up in the playground. Or a child meets an accident in the staircase. More importantly, you can reach the scene of the crime (bullying) as soon as it starts.

Basically, advanced security systems are like a dream come true for administrations facing problems managing bullying or harassment allegations. The security systems help them stay on their feet and restrain the situation before it escalates.

In short, upgrading the security system for your school is not a commodity but a necessity of our times. Not only does it facilitate your need to keep the children safe. But it also reinforces your public image in the parent’s eye. For every parent wants their children to learn in a surrounding that is safe and secure.

Do you need a strong recommendation? The trusty team of Eagle Security Solutions is your best bet for securing the whole campus according to the latest security trends.

Signs That Your Burglar Alarm Needs to Be Renewed

Burglar alarms are often the desired security solution for a number of homeowners. If you have a burglar alarm installed at your house, you know that it has various parts that need monitoring to ensure it is working properly.

These include: batteries, sensors, motion detectors and controls etc. Among the many problems a burglar alarm can face, faulty wiring and blown fuses are easy to detect. Other signs that indicate a need for renewal of your burglar alarm are explained below:

Battery Issues

One of the major problems with any alarm system is the battery acting up. The two signs to look out for in that case are explained below.

  1. Beeping keypad:

Many alarm systems begin to beep when the battery is low and needs to be renewed. Most batteries require renewal every three to five years. So if it’s been longer since you serviced your alarm system, you should look for battery replacements or look to renew your burglar alarm altogether.

  • Warning on the LCD Display:

Another indicator of battery replacement is a code being displayed on the LCD screen. It could look like the following: LOW BATTERY, LO BAT.

Sensor Problems

If the sensor constantly shows that it is tampered or that a particular zone is violated then it is a sign that your burglar alarm is no longer working to the best of its ability. This normally means false alarms are being sounded regularly.

Motion Detector problems

To check if the motion sensor/detector is working properly, two people are required. One person needs to pass in front of the motion detector and the other needs to be at the keypad to see if the correct zone is shown as violated.

 If your motion detector is not working properly, the red light which senses motion will not light up. In that case, there is either a wiring or a power problem and it is better to renew your burglar alarm.

Smoke Detector Issues

Some burglar alarms come with smoke detectors as well. To see if your smoke detector is working properly, push the test button and see if it makes noise.

Controls not working

  1. Audible alarms:

The signal device indicates that the alarm has been activated. These include lights, sirens or horns. However, if no signal is sent despite the motion sensor detecting something, it may be time to renew your burglar alarm.

  • Monitored alarms:

These include a 24-hour telephone connection to a central monitoring station. The operators here can notify the police if necessary. However, if there is an issue in sending a signal to the monitoring station, then your security becomes compromised. The only way to know if this isn’t working is by testing the service annually.At Eagle Security Solutions, we offer maintenance as well as installation of alarm systems. So, if your burglar alarm is showing any such signs, you know where to go for a new one which will be monitored regularly!

The Most Effective Domestic Crime Prevention Measures

The rate of domestic burglary in the United Kingdom has gone up by more than 30% in the recent years, according to Neighbourhood Watch. This includes robbery, sex offences, knife crimes and violent crimes.

Given this alarming increase in domestic crime, the UK population is seeking the most effective domestic crime prevention measures.

Eagle Security Solutions may be the answer to your domestic crime concerns. From Closed-Circuit television (CCTv) systems, door entry systems, home security systems and burglar alarms to wireless alarm systems; there are numerous ways to prevent domestic crime.


The advantage of installing CCTV security systems from us is that they come with a 12 month minimum parts and labour guarantee. It is an effective crime prevention measure for one’s house or business as one can view his or her premises via the internet on the television or smartphone as well. Potential criminals are discouraged from carrying out their planned activities if they see a CCTV installed on someone’s property. They are useful for businesses to keep track of the activities in general. 

 Burglar Alarms

When it comes to burglar alarms, there are two types offered in the market: wireless and wired. The benefits of wireless burglar alarms include the ease of installation, portability, lack of disruptions to property on which they are installed, and compatibility with modern technology. They can easily be disarmed through the use of your eye phone smartphones. Having burglar alarms allows you to feel at ease at home because you know you’ll be alerted in case of danger.

Door Entry Systems

In order to monitor the entrance to one’s premises, which is essential to preventing domestic crime, Eagle Security Solutions provides a wide variety of high-quality door entry systems such as Videx, Comelit, and AES wireless intercom systems. Intercom systems are especially beneficial when combined with CCTvs since then you can also have visual access to your property. If the entrance of your property is safe, you have will feel less anxious about crime occurring on it.

Home Alarm Systems

Home security systems that include wireless options offer an easy way to keep an eye on your home. When it comes to home alarm systems, other equipment, such as security lights, guard cams and smoke detectors are another way of ensuring your home is safe from intruders.  

Lastly, to ensure all these systems work to their level best, Eagle Security Systems offers services which include alarm monitoring and maintenance.  The alarm monitoring service ensures that any alert on your alarm system does not go undetected.The benefits of a monitored alarm include a regular review of security needs, help desk support and peace of mind for 24 hours a day as it is a reliable and consistent service. It’s clear that if you want to prevent domestic crime, you need to opt for one or a combination of these systems as it will ensure there is no undesirable activity on your property.deused1

Is a DIY Home Security System Worth the Risk?

diy home security systems

Do you avidly read the DIY tips section in every household related blog? Are you often seen with a screwdriver and a toolbox around the house?

Odds are that you’ve already fiddled with your regular security system to make it more advanced. You probably think that it works fine and has saved you lots of money.

But is that really true?

Here are a few safety risks people don’t consider when they apply DIY tactics to beef up their security systems:

1. Reliability Factor

The first in the list of safety risks of DIY home security systems is the reliability factor.  The thing is that these simple contraptions are too basic, to begin with. So an average burglar can get past this shady system without any resistance.

Plus, some DIY alarm systems go off without cause. This makes you immune to their sounds when something sinister really lurks under your roof.

2. Extra Costs

DIY home security systems are considered affordable because they cut down the installation costs. But no one warns you of the persisting problems that arise after the installation phase. Honestly speaking, you’re more likely to pay double the amount when you maintaining your homemade security systems than a proper one. That’s because you’ll have to find your own add-ons and often hire private repairmen who will charge you more than those affiliated with security companies.

3.  Shaky Premises

Another reason why investing in DIY methods of home security is bust is the fact that they aren’t always functional. Subsequently, self-installation often leads to botched jobs. So you might think that your system is working but it probably isn’t. Moreover, wireless systems can be easily hacked or get switched off due to technical glitches.

Hence, it is easy to presume that your decision wasn’t safe from the get-go.

4.  No Man’s Land

No matter what the DIY-guides tell you, your domestic version of a home security system is inferior to the company-bought one. That’s because the DIY home security systems aren’t integrated with the police and first-respondent database. So you’ll be left to fend for yourself when the intruder steps into your home.

Therefore, this kind of alienation from the security officials is highly inadvisable.

Other safety risks of DIY home security systems include:

  • A lack of warranty and insurance
  • It hasn’t been tested to protect you from all kinds of security breaches
  • It is rather difficult to get it upgraded or restored by professionals

On the whole, DIY home security systems are a dodgy way to protect your house. Not only are they insufficient barriers to evade criminals but they don’t exactly save you from paying expensive bills either.Therefore, our advice is to ditch those cheap thrills and hire professionals like Eagle Security Solutions. The company offers affordable services, efficient tech support, and customer service that accommodate all your home security needs.y40

Importance of Ensuring Your Home’s Security

Many people these days tend to overlook the importance of installing a security system in their home as it is costly. What they don’t realize is that not installing one can cost them even more. With the rate of crimes increasing, having a security system installed in your home is a necessity. A security system offers many benefits to homeowners. Here’s why you should install it:

Protection from Intruders

A home security system provides protection to all family members and the home itself from unwanted intruders. Homes without security systems are at a bigger risk of being targeted by intruders. The installation of a security system can prevent burglars from targeting your home. In case of a break-in, the security system can ensure the safety of you and your family by alerting you beforehand so that you can contact authorities for help as quickly as possible.

Protection from Fires

Many homeowners depend on smoke alarms in case of a fire outbreak; however, a home security system can provide fire warning even before that. Therefore, security systems serve to provide additional protection to homeowners in case of fire emergencies. Aside from offering fire warnings, security systems also inform homeonwers of the source of heat.

Peace of Mind for You and Your Family

If you install a security system in your home, you will have a peace of mind that your home is safe and protected at all times from all kinds of harm. This is especially beneficial to the elderly or those who are challenged in some way. Homeowners don’t have to worry about the security of their houses as security systems monitor all areas at all times and are vigilant in informing authorities if something goes astray.

Moreover, security systems also provide a peace of mind to families that their houses are being guarded during their absence.

Protection of Valuables

Valuables can be expensive things, such as jewelry or something that holds sentimental value. In a burglary case, valuables and collectibles tend to be stolen first. This is why, to keep them protected, you should install a security system that can alert you in case of a robbery attempt.

Now that you are convinced that a security system is an asset for your house, you can invest in one by visiting Eagle Security Solutions. They have experts to ensure your home remains safe with the installation of a security system.t 5;

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