Common Questions about CCTV Cameras

Common Questions about CCTV CamerasClosed-circuit televisions are systems in which the circuit is closed and not accessible to pedestrians. However, these cameras are used for monitoring public domains and densely populated areas. For example, these cameras are installed in places like retail outlets, banks and shopping malls. Our aim is to answer frequent questions pertaining to CCTV systems.


What are the Types of CCTV Cameras?

There are several kinds of CCTV systems that are used widely in a variety of settings. Each is equipped with its own attributes and advantages. For instance, features which determine which one is selected are indoor, outdoor, night vision, tilt and zoom respectively.


Motion Detection

Cameras with motion detection capability do not record round the clock. This means there is ample storage space. More importantly, these cameras sense movement and only carry out surveillance when an activity is in progress. The users of such CCTV systems are alerted if that happens.


Nanny Cameras

As the name suggests, a nanny camera is typically operated to monitor nannies and children when the parents are away from home. Surveillance is done but not divulged, since the cameras are placed surreptitiously.


Night Vision

Like nanny cameras, the name itself is quite self-explanatory. Night vision cameras may be installed either indoors or outdoors and elucidate dimly lit areas in the process of recording footage. In fact, this is a common element of most security cameras and CCTV systems in general.


Outdoor Cameras

The two prerequisites to qualify as outdoor cameras is that they should be able to withstand water and possess the facility of night vision. In principle, these are used to observe front and back doors, yards, sheds and other areas in proximity. They eliminate the need for occupants to be present in person.


Fixed and Tilt/Zoom Cameras

The primary difference between fixed cameras and cameras that can tilt, pan and zoom is that the former is only equipped with minimalist features. They do not have features that allow them to zoom into objects, pan, or tilt left and right. On the other hand, tilt/zoom cameras are able to move. They can be positioned and repositioned accordingly, either remotely or by hand also.


Wi-Fi Cameras

The most frequently used cameras on the market are Wi-Fi enabled ones. They allow remote access and users can monitor proceedings even if they are away. This can be accomplished remotely on a mobile device. Once the app is installed on your smartphone and the CCTV systems are configured, users can see live footage on their cell phones.


Can Security Companies Access Household Security Cameras?

The short answer to this question is no. Firms that provide CCTV systems cannot see the images and footage that are recorded inside or outside a home. However, if these companies offer video monitoring as an additional facility at the time of joining, then they may be able to see recordings.


How is Footage Stored?

There are four main ways that surveillance is recorded. These are DVR (Digital Video Recorder), cloud services, memory cards and direct to computer as well.


Are Cameras Entirely Wireless?

Not all cameras have wireless capability. The vast majority of cameras require an electric source and must be plugged in to function properly. Also, battery operated ones may be wired directly into a DVR or another system so that recorded media can be transferred and viewed.

Benefits of a Home Intercom System

Home Intercom SystemWhether you live independently or collectively, in a flat or a villa, home security measures are a must have. Fortunately, one of the various modern amenities that technology has contributed include intercoms and door entry systems.

Intercoms are a convenient appliance that are widely available courtesy of advances in home automation. They are available in a variety of options and provide additional security for residents against unwarranted visitors such as burglars.


So what exactly are the advantages of home intercom systems? We take a look at how they ameliorate domestic security.


Augment Security

It goes without saying that intercoms and door entry systems provide an element of greater control and security. The addition of video to the intercom adds another safety layer to the household. Occupants can easily ascertain the identity of their visitors and detect if there is any suspicious activity occurring outdoors.


Detection and verification of guests, whether they are of the welcome or unwanted variety, is imperative. Also, if the intercom is also installed outside, it gives home owners a blanket of security as well. They can speak to their guests to corroborate their character before letting them enter the premises. Last but not the least, another way intercoms serve as sufficient home security measures is that they are deterrents for thieves who may be canvassing the area and planning a burglary imminently.



Convenient Devices

Intercoms are fundamentally user friendly as well, which makes these gadgets a worthwhile investment. Inhabitants are able to unlock doors from various points of the house once intercoms and door entry systems are configured properly. Video facility also guarantees that they can confirm who their visitors are without the need to venture to the entrance. In simple terms, installing intercoms in your dwelling can make your life a lot simpler. They promote comfort and greater peace of mind for those who are indoors.



Furthermore, significant advancements have been made to intercoms since they were first devised. Initially, when intercoms became commercially available, the technology was just limited to a speaker and microphone. Naturally, with the passage of time, considerable upgrades have been made.
That means these gadgets now have additional features, which include video surveillance and that also with high definition broadcast. Other attributes are key card systems and voice activation as well. Now imagine an intercom system that combines all of the above! Such an apparatus is a potent weapon against assailants.


Monitoring Activity

Additionally, intercoms provide residents the benefit of oversight. We are stating that from an indoor perspective. For instance, placing intercoms inside gives parents the ability to keep a watchful eye on their children, particularly infants and youngsters. When they journey outdoors in the garden for example and the parents remain inside, they can still monitor their actions.


Such a facility will surely make the parents feel at ease regarding the safety of their children. If an unfortunate circumstance arises, they can immediately tend to their children as well. Also, parents can have a telephonic conversation with their kids via intercoms in case they do not possess mobile devices.



Intercoms can make your residence more productive as well. Households become more facile. For example, managing a person who has a disability and is wheelchair bound or considerably immobile is easier if intercoms are installed. They facilitate communication throughout the house without commotion.

How to Find the Best Burglar Alarm for your Property

Best Burglar Alarm for your Property
Burglar alarms are one of the foremost appliances that are mandatory in households. Installation and configuration is imperative as these alarms represent an essential aspect of an effective home security system.


Given the wide variety of options of burglar alarms available in markets, it can be an arduous task to determine which one fits the bill. Our aim is to specify factors that must be considered when deciding which burglar alarm is appropriate.


Reliable Manufacturer


This rule is applicable when purchasing most products really. If consumers learn to trust a certain brand, they are loyal to the commodity and company as well. Burglar alarms are no different. A reliable provider must be located when seeking a dependable burglar alarm.


In the United Kingdom, companies that are members of the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) or the Security Systems and Alarm Inspection Board (SSAIB) have licence to install a burglar alarm as per the standards set by the police. This is done for a police response in case of emergencies. Naturally, security companies with a proven track record when it comes to burglar alarms are the best bet for residents looking for a legitimate burglar alarm.


Consider Your Options

There are myriad types of burglar alarms that are worthy the investment. However, prior to selecting and buying the apparatus, customers should ascertain its viability.


Dummy Alarms

As the name suggests, these are actually faux burglar alarms and are installed for the sole purpose of deterring criminals. For example, it may augment a property’s security if an artificial box is placed in or out of the house. If a thief is surveying the property with hopes of a break in, they might think twice if they see an alarm system installed. They won’t know based only on appearance that the box is only an imitation.


Do It Yourself Alarms

Another cost effective alternate is to purchase an alarm that can be installed without professional intervention and does a respectable job in protecting the property as well. Those who invest in a DIY model do not incur installation charges and subscription fee also. However, experts suggest that given the severity of potential burglaries, it is best to let technicians from security companies handle the arrangement.


Wired/Wireless Options

For residents who are not looking to cut corners, it essentially boils down to choosing between a wired and wireless burglar alarms. The former are typically available for respectable prices although their installation can drive up the bill. Also, these alarms are robust and come with low maintenance costs as well.


On the other hand, wireless alarms have sensor controls that connect remotely to the main console. Like smartphones and smart televisions, smart (wireless) alarms have also been introduced. They send a notification to the user’s smartphone in case of emergency, which has made them a popular option.


Home Insurance

Another important determinant to consider is home insurance. Insurance providers generally offer discounts on premiums in cases where the security is genuinely robust. Having adequate burglar alarms in place can mitigate the chances of theft, which minimizes the chances of insurance claims as well.

Furthermore, residents must ensure that they do not abrogate their insurance by ignoring their alarm. This is because insurers enquire about the alarm in scenarios when there is considerable risk, including the middle of the night or when the house is unoccupied.

Why Positioning CCTV Cameras Properly is Significant

Positioning CCTV CamerasClosed-circuit television (CCTV) is an important aspect of security, whether you are in the comfort of your home or in a public domain. They deter and detect criminal activity. However, it is important to note that CCTV cameras must be placed and positioned properly for the best surveillance results.

We can look at the usual mistakes made when installing CCTV cameras and determine how to best position them.


Errors in Placement

There are various blunders that CCTV users make with regards to their installation. For instance, some might choose to install a low quality camera to save money. They may also configure the camera only to realize that there is no network coverage in the location where it was set up.


In some cases, CCTV cameras may be used in places that do not guarantee a clear vantage point. This is a gaffe that essentially defeats the purpose of using a camera for security reasons. Good vision is imperative for surveillance.


Furthermore, there are cases where users do not install ample cameras that cover the entire property or area that requires supervision. Some might even forget to turn on the motion detection alert function of the cameras while other cameras may be placed away from a power source.


Ideal Placement

For the purpose of simplicity, we can consider a normal household as an example to determine where the CCTV cameras can be installed.


Front Door

A large number of burglars enter homes through the front door. While other openings like a partially closed window may provide safe passage, the front door is the most convenient. This is why a CCTV camera should be positioned to allow surveillance of the front door and adjoining area of the house.


Moreover, to avoid an instance where criminals tamper with the camera, it must be positioned beyond their reach, like the second floor. This would protect the camera from rocks, sticks and other weapons burglars may use to avoid being seen.


Back Door

Another popular outlet that burglars seek to exploit is the back door. While securing the front door is imperative, making sure the back area of the house is being monitored is vital as well. Generally, there should be at least one camera for every door in the house. Obviously, the same rules of placement apply here also. The camera should be higher than the reach of criminals so that they are unable to tinker with it.



The next area of the house which needs a CCTV camera is the backyard. If both front and back doors are well guarded, burglars may use the backyard as a means to enter the house. In most cases, it may provide considerable space and might not be under surveillance either.



Additionally, burglars are accustomed to breaking windows to enter a property they want to steal from. A rear window is one such passage. Hence, a CCTV camera must be placed near susceptible windows to ensure that they are monitored also. If these windows are not in direct view, it may be convenient for intruders to enter the house without being exposed.

Why Home Security Devices are Imperative

Home Security Devices are Imperative
When you look at the facts, it becomes painfully obvious why home security systems are mandatory. The equation is simplistic in nature. Statistics show that burglary in the United Kingdom is an omnipresent threat. The average number of incidents involving burglaries in the region is approximately 35,000 each month. Only 40% of residents have installed an alarm, but a third of these people fail to set it.


The aforementioned numbers are a damning indictment of the ease with which criminals can invade households. This means appliances that promote security at home are obligatory, without question. There are several reasons security systems are needed. Some of these are listed below.


Crime Deterrent

There are various surveys that show the correlation between the presence of a home security system and a decline in burglaries. Naturally, having the requisite system in place helps curb crime as criminals are likely to reconsider their course of action if they are aware that such devices are used by residents.

This is likely to have a ripple effect on those who have not configured a home security system, since thieves may avoid scouring the entire neighborhood. Therefore, having a security system not only protects the residents, it makes their vicinity safer as well.


Protection of Valuables

Besides safeguarding your family, home security systems also ensure that commodities, particularly prized possessions, remain safe. This is essentially the secondary reason for residents using security systems.

An instance of breaking and entering is likely to result in the theft of assets like jewelry and electronics are stolen. It is not difficult to envisage a scenario where a home invasion leads to the loss of a family heirloom or similar accessories. This is precisely why it is better to be safe than sorry. Investing in a security system will help avoid unfortunate incidents.

Beyond the fundamental benefits of using a security system, there are other advantages as well. Given advancements in technology, it is now possible to monitor your home when you’re away. This is achievable through a mobile device, which show real time feeds if you install the application.


Remote Access

Beyond the fundamental benefits of using a security system, there are other advantages as well. Given advancements in technology, it is now possible to monitor your home when you’re away. This is achievable through a mobile device, which show real time feeds if you install the application.

This feature has made the lives of residents more facile. When they are away, they can simply use the technology as surveillance and have peace of mind. While the cameras installed inside show video, certain systems also allow users to control thermostat, lights and locks.


Check on Kids

Remote access also has another benefit. If residents are at work, they can use the application to see what is happening at home. In many cases, this will involve keeping tabs on children for instance. In cases where both parents are away, they can use the facility to ensure that their children are safe in the comfort of their home. Whether they have naughty adolescents or independent teenagers, it will give the parents peace of mind to see that things are alright when they’re not at home. This is yet another impressive benefit of automation and home security systems as well.

Ways to Secure Your Home While on Vacation

Ways to Secure Your HomeIt goes without saying that protecting a home is absolutely necessary. The safety of residents is paramount. Whether you live independently or have a wife and children, their security cannot be compromised in any case.


Besides family members, a house will also have innumerable possessions and valuables which no individual would want stolen. This is why residents should take extra precautions when they leave the house, particularly for long periods such as a vacation.


Install a Home Security System

If you’re on holiday, you want to enjoy peace of mind and be enthralled by the new surroundings and locations you will visit. It would be less than ideal to constantly fret about home when you’re hundreds of miles away. Such fears can be allayed if an effective security system is installed.


When you’re away, the security system will serve as the first line of defense against unwarranted intruders. In case a burglar approaches and tries to invade your property in your absence, a home security system will detect their presence and go off, which is likely to deter criminals.


It is best to invest in and configure a system which includes door and window sensors, since these are the two most likely entrances of burglars. Updated systems now provide the facility to monitor live feeds and broadcast those images on your cell phone. However, constant involvement would defeat the purpose of the vacation, especially if data network coverage is sketchy in your area. Nonetheless, a professionally monitored system will do the needful and protect your home while you’re not there.


Outdoor Security Lighting

One of the best methods of ensuring increased security outside the house is to install lights. Creating a luminous environment outside the house will also help keep it safe. This is because criminals may scour the neighborhood and earmark properties that are dimly lit or do not have adequate lighting. It may give them the impression that the house is unoccupied, which would mean it is primed for an incursion at their hands.


To avoid encouraging criminals, residents must safeguard their property by illuminating potential hiding spots. Parts of the house which are susceptible to an invasion, such as the garage and back entrances must be supplemented with excellent lighting. There are certain lights which are also motion activated and only come on once night falls, which means electricity is not wasted as well.


Add a Smart Lock to the Door

A smart door lock allows users to lock and unlock their door remotely using their smartphones and nothing else. They can avail this tool to grant temporary access to their family and friends. For instance, if the latter is visiting to check on the pets, the resident can give them temporary access. This also means locking the doors no longer require any physical keys while you have full control of who enters your property even if you’re in another country!

Useful Tips to Protect Your Home from Burglary

Robber Crime Secret

No individual resides in an impenetrable fortress. Residents who are not vigilant run the risk of burglary. Criminals may be on the prowl in proximity, unbeknownst to residents of the neighborhood, looking for an opportunity to exploit a house that is not well protected.

Inhabitants are advised to adhere to a few tips that ensure that their household is safe and secure. Some of these routines are listed below:


Home Security System

Those who invest in and configure a home security system in their residence are less prone to a burglary in contrast to those who don’t. Adding a security system is an effective way to defeat a burglar, assuming that the system itself works well.

First and foremost, installing security devices safeguards your family and valuables at the same time. Secondly, there are plenty of systems which allow users to remotely access live feeds of their home when they are not present. This can be configured on their mobile devices with ease and they can monitor their house and surroundings at their convenience. This makes a security system worthy of the investment since any burglary can be detected and deterred.


Doors and Windows

It goes without saying that any entry point that allows safe passage to criminals should be sealed shut whether residents are present or absent from their property. Doors and windows must include a quality lock that is difficult to pick. If home owners have recently moved into a new house, they must secure the doors and windows with new locks. Similarly, precautions must be taken if a tenancy ends or if the keys to the lock are misplaced.

Locks do not have to be old school, they can also be digital which means a four digit or longer code can be applied, which only residents of the property are aware of. These codes can be changed at the convenience of the occupants.


Do Not Display Valuables

This is another basic tip that many may fail to follow. Naturally, commodities that are worth significant sums should not be exhibited in such a way that they provide burglars with an incentive. For instance, if valuable items are not safely secured under lock and key and are visible to all, even those outside the house, then that could spell trouble for the residents. Fastidious burglars will be keen to break in to a house where valuables are not shielded. Simply obscuring the view of pedestrians with curtains, drapes or blinds will do the needful.


Adequate Lighting

Another advice that residents can adhere to is to light up their homes sufficiently. Cases of burglary are more probable if homes are relatively dark or dimly lit. It may give criminals the false impression that residents are either away momentarily or the property is not occupied at all.

Naturally, lights are a burglar’s worst enemy. It is not possible for them to slip in undetected. Having acceptable lighting close to the front door, garage and blind spots is the perfect way to gauge potential visitors, welcome or otherwise.

How to Adequately Maintain Your Security Systems

Security System
Although the image above is in jest, a security system must always be in working order. Maintenance is imperative, since any malfunction or loophole may be exploited by intruders. Inspecting your home or business security systems regularly is decisive to ensure they are in optimal condition. Of course, there are tips and tricks that can be followed to keep these systems working properly.


Control Panel Testing

The control panel represents the central aspect of the security system. It is the nucleus of the entity since every sensory signal passes through it. This is why it must be tested at regular intervals to gauge the functionality of the security system.

Most control panels in security devices are equipped with a test mode which runs a diagnostic to ascertain if the system is working well. The only caveat in this instance is to notify the service providers so that no alarms are triggered while running diagnostics.


Camera Inspection

Cameras are a vital component in most security systems. Residents and proprietors who use camera based systems must examine these continually to guarantee that they have power and they are placed properly.

There may be cases where burglars attempt to vandalize the cameras that are operational. This would increase their chances of executing a stealth break in. Users must check the camera monitors and recording devices as well to validate their cameras.


Lights Assessment

Another step that is decisive in the maintenance of security systems is to examine the lighting. For instance, all exterior lights must be thoroughly inspected on a monthly basis. This will prove that they work adequately and if the light bulbs are in working order.
A strong wind can often result in the lights being affected, such as a shift or movement which means they might not be placed properly. This could prove costly in case of a burglary, which is exactly why testing all lighting is imperative.


Annual Inspections

While performing self checks is highly recommended, it is also advisable to request the assistance of professionals. The ideal instance would be to seek an annual inspection from experts. A qualified technician could help make sure that the security system is in optimal order.

Skilled personnel would be able to perform a more conscientious check on all aspects of the system, such as its components, the wiring, power supplies and sensors in the system. Moreover, if any repairs or replacements are required, they will be able to highlight it and rectify the situation. Most providers charge a relatively low fee to carry out a thorough inspection, which works in the favor of residents and proprietors who need it. Some even do a check when they install the system.


Additional Safety Checks

There are other checks which concerned parties can perform as well. A fire extinguisher may be kept on all floors, especially in the kitchen. If they require servicing, it must be done promptly. Children must be educated about safety procedures in case of emergencies also.

Why Pharmacies Need Video Surveillance Systems

Pharmacies Need Video Surveillance Systems

Every business needs an efficient security system to protect the premises from intruders and burglars. However, not many people are aware that security systems are equally important for a pharmacy. Video surveillance cameras are a must for every pharmaceutical store so you can easily monitor your employees as well as keep an eye on the customers.


The rate of burglaries in medical stores isn’t as low as most people believe. More than 1,000 cases of burglary are reported every year in the West Yorkshire County of the UK alone. Here are some tips to help you reduce the risk of burglary in your pharmacy store:


  • Get in touch with local law enforcement officers to protect your pharmacy from potential threats
  • Spread awareness among employees about burglary attempts
  • Keep records of inventory items
  • Install a modern security system

Why You Should Install Security Cameras

Security cameras have become a necessity these days. Pharmacy store owners that understand the importance of surveillance cameras are able to protect their employees and the business premises in an efficient manner. Aside from the protection of medicines stocked, they can also ensure that other office equipment is kept away from unauthorized people.


Record Evidence

Video surveillance systems record live footage in case of a burglary. This way, you can get proof of the crime and use this as evidence to ensure that the culprits receive the deserved punishment. On the other hand, if you don’t have a CCTV camera in your pharmacy, you’ll have nothing on the burglars.


It’s recommended to hire professional monitoring services along with the installation of security cameras. They’ll monitor the business premises in real-time and take appropriate actions to catch the burglars red-handed. This way, you can reduce the risk of theft and also prevent burglary in the store.


Increase Productivity

You can significantly enhance the productivity of employees. When employees get to know they’re being watched, they’re likely to become more focused towards their duties and ensure they treat the customers properly.


Pharmacies usually stock drugs in large quantities. This practice aids them to provide the required medicines to customers without running out of stock. However, you may end up facing issues in running the business if there are any cases of employee theft. With the help of CCTV cameras, you can keep an eye on your inventory and identify the employees who are involved in stealing stock items.


CCTV cameras can also assist in keeping intruders away from the pharmacy. This way your employees will feel safer and put their entire focus and efforts on the growth of the business. Similarly, your customers will feel secure at your pharmacy and visit the drug store without worrying about burglars or criminals.



To be precise, CCTV cameras are extremely important for a pharmacy store. They help you keep an eye on the premises and protect your customers and employees from potential threats. So, install security cameras at your earliest and hire professional monitoring services for the same.

How to Detect Hidden Surveillance Cameras with Your Smartphone

Detect Hidden Surveillance Cameras

Installing surveillance cameras is a reliable way of protecting a space from intruders. However, what if someone installs a hidden camera in your home, office or hotel room to spy on your activities?

Spy cameras are available in a variety of designs and shapes, making it difficult to detect their presence. They affect your privacy and create security threats by allowing unauthorized people to monitor your actions in real-time. In order to detect the presence of a hidden camera, you can use your smartphone.


How to Get Rid of Spy Cameras

Hidden spy cameras are a severe threat to your security. They provide detailed insight of your daily routine to intruders, allowing them to attack easily. Furthermore, they may capture inappropriate videos and later blackmail you with the help of video recordings. Here are some tips to help you detect spy cameras and reduce the risk of such offenses:


Look Around

Take a closer look at the spaces where intruders are likely to hide spy cameras. Carefully go through every item present in your room to ensure you’re safe. If you find any item out of place or notice a new object, it’s likely that someone may have installed a spying object.

Wireless cameras are safe to use, since they’re more difficult to detect. However, their battery may run out soon. Therefore, some intruders still prefer to use wired cameras. Look out for wires underneath the carpets and scan walls for any hidden network of wires.


Use Your Smartphone

If someone has installed a spy camera or other spying objects in your room, they may have connected it to your Wi-Fi router so that the device can transmit the recorded data. So, log in to your Wi-Fi network via your smartphone and go through the list of devices. If any unrecognized device is connected, it may indicate that there’s a hidden camera somewhere. Disconnect the device immediately so that it cannot transmit data anymore.
Place a phone call and then move around the entire place where you suspect the presence of a spy camera. If there is any device that emits signals, your phone will make buzzing noises due to the interference in the electromagnetic field.

There are many mobile apps available in digital stores that you can easily download and install on your mobile set. Use these apps to locate any hidden cameras. Run these apps when you’re at your home, office, hotel room, or changing room of a shopping mall to know whether you’re being watched.

You can use your mobile phone or a handheld detection device to locate the lens of a hidden camera. When the light from your mobile device strikes on the surface of lens, it reflects and creates bright dots. When you notice such reflections, it’s relatively easier to further investigate and check the space for a spy camera.

If you’re able to locate a spy camera, contact local police at the earliest. Not only will they remove it safely, but also catch the culprits who were trying to spy on you.

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