A Guide to Burglar and Wireless Alarms

Did you know that there were over 20,000 cases of reported burglaries in London in 2016 alone? Being one of the biggest metropolitan cities of the world, as well as a center of the industry, it will be no stranger to burglaries in the future. This is why it is recommended for homeowners to invest in comprehensive home security mechanisms like burglar alarms and wireless alarms.

So, you want to look into getting an alarm system but don’t know where to start. Well, worry not, this guide will tell you all that you need to know about burglar/ wireless alarms.


What are Burglar/Wireless Alarms?

Burglar alarms are your typical alarm detection systems for intruders including everyone from trespassers to burglars and robbers.

Wireless alarms are a subset of burglar alarms. Burglar alarms are either wired or wireless. Wired burglar alarms are connected with your landline and the sensors around the house are connected via hardwiring. On the other hand, wireless systems, as the name suggests, are not physically connected and contact the sensors with the control via radio waves or over the internet.

Which one you opt for depends purely on your preference and situation. If your house has an existing landline connection and mechanism built for wiring then a wired connection will be best. On the other hand, if you don’t have a landline connection and don’t want to go through the hassle of getting it then a wireless system will be best for you.


How Do Burglar/Wireless Alarms Work?

Now that you have understood the alarms and their main differences, how do they actually work?

They operate through motion detection sensors that work to detect any unusual movement. These sensors are placed in key areas where entry is possible and where movement is more likely to be caught. A list of possible spots to place these sensors include:

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Garage
  • Lounge
  • Veranda

These sensors are connected to and operated from the central control panel. This control panel is used to monitor them, activate them or turn them off. It is recommended that this panel is kept in the master bedroom in a secluded location. This will ensure it is easy to reach for the homeowner, allowing them to easily turn off the alarm in case of a false alarm. Moreover, doing so will also make sure that if the burglars break into your house, they will have a hard time locating and turning off the alarm.

Adding to that, most wireless and burglar alarm systems often have additional ancillary features. These are not strictly necessary but can help to provide additional protection.  For example, security cameras which will provide legal video footage to trace a burglar or loud noise alarms which might scare off a burglar.


Where to get a Burglar/Wireless Alarm?

Now that you are well acquainted with burglar and wireless alarms and how they work, you must be looking to install them. If you live in or near London then contact Eagle Security Solutions today!

We provide services for all private and commercial needs of our clients in and around London. The numbers and email addresses for our different offices are listed on our website. You can trust us to provide you with a comprehensive alarm installation service to make your home safe.

Best Kinds of Security Cameras for Outdoor Coverage

While security inside the house is crucial, it is the first outer layer of defence that should be the strongest and most efficient. As long as the security measures and cameras fitted outside your home, in the parking lots, gardens and front porch are tough, no one can cross your doorstep without your knowledge.


There are a variety of cameras available for active surveillance, but certain types are built in such a way that they provide best outdoor security and safest protection to the people in your house. Let’s have a look at the kinds of cameras that are most apt for outdoor coverage:


Dome Cameras:

In a room, a camera only needs to point in the direction of the entrance but outside, in a larger space with more than one entry the camera must be quick enough to keep an eye on all sides. Dome cameras are perfectly suitable for outdoor coverage for two reasons, for one they are speedy as they rotate in all directions and do not allow anyone to sneak past it and secondly, they are hidden inside a dome shaped glass and hidden from view so that even if someone is super speedy, they wouldn’t know in what direction the camera is pointed. Check out Videoteknika and Ademco DVR, available at Eagle Security, for dome cameras.


Covert Cameras:

Covert cameras are for the sneaky thieves.  This type of camera is wireless and usually fitted in such a way that no one can sense its presence. They run on batteries and are very versatile. One of the most common places of covert cameras is by the front door, where they might be found hidden beneath a floodlight, inside the smoke detectors, inside a tree or a planter, either way they remain undetected and concealed, never letting the visitors know that they are being watched.


Infrared and Night Vision Cameras:

Most bandits begin their activities in the darkness of the night and learn to take full advantage of it. For houses where the vicinity is drowned in shadows, nothing works better than a night vision camera. They are fitted with infrared LED’s and can take photos and videos even in pitch black night.


Bullet Camera:

Bullet cameras are one of the most commonly shaped CCTV cameras and as it happens they also work nicely for outdoor surveillance. Most suited for placing by the front door where its streamlined shape focuses on the intruders face and lets them know that they are being watched and doesn’t allow anyone to sneak past without being noticed.


Motion Detection:

Motion detection cameras are probably the most resourceful ones when it comes to catching the intruders in action.  Intruders may be able to avoid detection but with motion detection cameras they cannot hide their movement. They are also great because they only record when it is needed. If there is no movement inside the view of the camera then there is nothing for you to be alarmed about. However if there is movement everything is recorded, so you don’t have to manually go through the footage to see when some activity occurred.

Also look for weather resistant, sound detecting, and Wi-Fi enabled cameras for they too work remarkably well when there are some intruders to catch. You can find all of the above kinds of security cameras at your one stop shop Eagle Security.

Why Security Surveillance over Guards?

Technology has touched all walks of human life. Owing to ever-evolving technology, today, multiple redundant jobs that were previously performed by humans have been automated and taken over by the machines.

Same is the case for home and workplace security and protection. From the earliest times, we have been employing guards, night watchmen or neighborhood patrol to guard a location, make rounds and look out for suspicious activity. Now, for a number of reasons this practice is being replaced by superior security surveillance systems. Here are the reasons why in the modern age, security systems are a superior option over security guards.

1.     Efficiency

The simple reality is a machine will be more efficient than a human at doing a routine task. When placed correctly, security cameras can provide a larger field of view and coverage than would be possible by a single guard. They also do not have the hang-ups of a human, like needing rest or working in shifts. They can work 24/7 round the clock and provide security.

2.     Lower Cost

A security guard will prove to be a more costly endeavor especially if different guards are hired for morning and night shifts. They will also have ancillary expenses and due to the human element, the chances of mistakes will be higher. On the other hand, due to continuous development, modern security systems are becoming more and more affordable and cheaper. On the whole, they will put less drain on your wallet while offering better coverage and performance.

3.     Video Capture

Probably the biggest advantage of surveillance systems over guards is that in case of a break in or any other sort of criminal activity, you will have legally valid and tangible evidence to find the culprit or back your claims. With the facility to record video, you can successfully get a burglar, trespasser or vandal prosecuted and convicted.

Recorded video can also be a great tool to trace and identify criminals who otherwise might not be seen by the naked eye in the dark of night. Many modern surveillance systems are equipped with features like night vision, heat vision, etc. which can make identification easier.

4.     Human Error

Simply put, a security camera will never betray you. Of course, it might malfunction but it will not take from your plate, so to speak. We all know and hear about cases of guards involved in thefts and robberies. That fear and uncertainty will be eliminated with a superior security surveillance system.


If you are in the market for upgrading your home security or installing security systems in your workplace then contact Eagle Security Solutions today. We offer all private and commercial needs in and around London. Check out our website to find our contact details.  We look forward to helping you choose the best security system for your needs!

How Security at Business Premises Can Help

Not having your office and business premises updated and installed with the latest that modern security mechanisms and installations have to offer is ridiculously silly and unwise. When a business ensures its business security is up to date and working properly then it is only doing a benefit to itself. There are numerous benefits and advantages to be gained from installing modern business security mechanisms. They will cost more but the conveniences and merits they pose ultimately help to even out that cost in the long run.

1.     Easier Area Limiting

All businesses have certain areas or premises which are off-limits not only to the general public and any visitors but also certain levels of employees. Having security mechanisms installed at such junctures makes it much easier to control and regular the flow of people in such sensitive areas and spot any intruders.

2.     Crime Prevention

If your business is a retail outlet, a store or any goods-related establishment like a restaurant then business security will be crucial.

There is no shortage of vandals or thieves who might want to tarnish and ruin your business premises either due to drunken rampages or attempts to undermine your business. Thieves and robbers may also come after your money and stock of goods.

Having business security in place will ensure that any criminal is dissuaded from crossing your path. Footage from surveillance cameras also holds up in a court of law in case the criminal attempt to make excuses or pin the situation on you.

3.     Alerting Authorities

Most modern business security apparatus, pretty much all of them, come with options to instantly alert law enforcement agencies in case they are triggered and not turned off in time.

This means quicker and faster access to the authorities who will be able to come in sooner and apprehend criminals in the act or catch them more easily. It will also mean security for you since you can hide safely instead of having to try and make a call to alert the authorities and possibly incur the ire of the criminals.

4.     Lower Insurance Premiums

Having business security in place reduces risk and insurance is all about risk. Having security systems in place, therefore, will likely lead to lower premiums for your business insurance policy and more favorable terms. It will show diligence on your part too and, in some cases, is a requirement for getting insurance cover.


As can be seen, the advantages and merits posed by a secure business security system in place are far too much to give any consideration to the matter of cost.

If your premises or offices are present in or near London then contact Eagle Security Solutions today for your commercial security needs in and around London. The numbers and email addresses for our different offices are available on our website. We look forward to welcoming you and helping you choose the best business security system for your needs.

Why You Should Invest in Home Security

Home SecurityFor most people, buying a house is one of the biggest financial investments of their lives and for almost everyone, a house is the most significant asset that they own. Keeping this in mind, surely, your house is something that needs to be protected and secured to prevent any untoward damage or incidents. One method to do that is home insurance and the next step which usually follows is home security.

Home security system means equipping your home with security systems and detection alerts. This comprises a whole list of features and options, from door entry systems to surveillance cameras. This may cost you a bit but home security presents numerous benefits and advantages which are hard to overlook.

1.     Asset Protection

In most robberies and break-in attempts, theft of valuables and possessions is the most common occurrence. Fortunately, home security systems help to protect and safeguard your costly assets, valuables, and belongings.

Depending on the type of home security system you have, like alarm systems, door and window entry locks or surveillance cameras, you can either completely prevent theft or at least make it easier to track the criminals.

2.     Crime Deterrence

It is said that prevention is the best form of medicine and it is even better than the cure. With your surveillance cameras on proud display and making their rounds on your property or your motion detector going off as soon as someone tries to break into your backyard, any thief will be left running.

Any potential thief will think twice and most likely opt to avoid and skip your house. Successful robberies are all about sneaky and discreet in and out operations, criminals do not generally like the hassle and effort of attempting to bypass security systems.

3.     All in Your Hands

Most modern home security systems can be routed to and mapped to a central command console. They can even be controlled by a simple Smartphone app.

This gives you convenient, easy, and quick access to your different security systems and allows you to control and monitor them in real time. You can periodically check in to see what’s going on in your house while you are out. This allows for a better sense of protection and security.

4.     Ancillary Benefits

Installing a home security system confers various other benefits. As it brings down the risk of robbery and crime for your house, it will make you a more attractive client for your insurance provider. This, in turn, may lead to lower monthly premiums thus reducing your cost of insurance.

Similarly, most modern security systems are fitted for gas and fire detection and can inform you or warn you beforehand in case of a gas leak or a fire emergency. Timely intervention and prevention can save your home from going up in smoke and fire.


As we can see, the benefits and advantages of a good home security system are just too important to skip out on. Installing it once will give you peace, contentment, and security for a lifetime. The stress-free environment will also affect your mental and physical health in a good way.

If you live in or near London then contact Eagle Security Solutions today. We service all private and commercial home security needs in and around London. The numbers and email addresses for our different offices are available on our website. We look forward to welcoming you and devising the best home security measures for your home.

Relevance of Door Entry Systems

Door entry systemsDoor entry systems are security mechanisms installed in the doors and at entry points to control and monitor who enters or leaves certain premises.

It is assumed by many people that door entry systems are worthless and inconsequential for maintaining security either at home or office premises, especially if you have more holistic security mechanisms like surveillance cameras.

However, this is a wrong notion and door entry systems work in tandem with other security apparatus to provide better security. Door entry systems still present many benefits and uses which makes them ideal mechanisms to install at your home or in office premises.

1.     Convenience and Ease

First and foremost, door entry systems offer much more convenience and ease over the traditional lock and key systems and doorbells.

Modern door entry systems operate on technology like proximity meters, coded locks or biometric readers. The first requires detection of easily available and cheap entry cards, the second requires a code, and the third needs a fingerprint or retinal scan.

All three are much more convenient and easy to use than carrying a key everywhere and unlocking and locking a door every time. They are even better suited for office premises where people are regularly coming in and out so a fast system is needed. The three systems outlined above don’t hamper traffic in any way.

2.     Costs

On the whole, door entry systems are not all that costly to install and may even be cheaper than the traditional lock and key systems. They also result in cost savings.

Firstly, modern door entry systems don’t really need a lot of wiring and such which takes expensive work in the home. They operate on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signals thus are cheaper to set up than conventional security systems.

Furthermore, they don’t require keys or people getting up to open the door thus result in less time wasted at the workplace and this leads to better efficiency and cost savings.

3.     Better Protection

Unlike traditional lock and key systems or more conventional entry systems, modern door entry systems offer better protection, particularly for high stakes or no go areas. You cannot fool a biometric reader and there is no technique or hack to bypass it. Similarly, you cannot open a proximity lock unless you have the corresponding key card.

This makes them much safer and impervious to being bypassed or unlocked thus they provide complete and total protection.


As can be seen clearly, door entry systems still provide a lot of merits and uses which makes using them alongside regular security a more than worthy proposition. As is said, best not to have all your eggs in one basket.

If you live in or near London then contact Eagle Security Solutions today for your private or commercial security needs in and around London. The numbers and email addresses for our different offices are available on our website. We look forward to welcoming you and helping you choose the best door entry system for your home or office

Are CCTV Systems Right for Your Business?

We all know that security is important across all walks of life. It is needed to ensure the complete safety of our worldly possessions. When it comes to businesses, it gets more significant. A business can suffer major losses and downfalls due to weakened security. Theft, robbery, fraudulent activities and burglary are all factors that can contribute to its destruction. The installation of CCTV security systems in your establishment can help prevent such damaging incidents.


According to Gov.UK, 18% of businesses in the support and administration sector have experienced crime due to the negligence of security. This shows how important CCTV security systems are for businesses. Such systems have the following advantages:


1.     Help to Monitor All Activities

The installation of CCTV security systems will help you track the happenings at the premises of your company. By monitoring each and every move of your employees and other people on your premises, you can have peace of mind as you know what is happening in your company and who is doing what. Basically, it helps to prevent employee theft and wrong-doings in your company.


2.     Help to Make Decisions

When an employee complains about another employee’s bad behavior, you just can’t take action without any proper evidence. CCTV cameras can help you monitor that employee’s behavior from previous recordings and help you to make a wise decision against the complaint.


3.     Help to Solve Crime Cases

Your business can suffer badly without CCTV security systems because there can be situations like theft, fight between colleagues, heated arguments and fraudulent activity that significantly require proper evidence. Without CCTV security systems, it would be impossible to gather any evidence for a crime case. Therefore, the installation of CCTV systems is important for businesses.


4.     Help to Encourage Good Behavior

The installation of CCTV security systems helps to encourage your office staff to work harder. When they know that they are being monitored by their team leads and managers, they naturally show good behavior and efficient performance. You can even expect growth in the productivity level of your employees.


5.     Help to Save Money

You must be wondering how CCTV security systems help in saving money. The thing is, when you install these CCTV systems on your premises, you will be monitoring all the activities of your company. This will automatically save the cost of hiring too many security guards for your business.


The rise in crimes has made the installation of CCTV security systems vital for every business in the UK. Choosing the right company for the installation and maintenance of CCTV systems is a challenging task. A good security system service would provide you with top quality CCTV systems. Eagle Security Solutions, one of the top service companies in the UK, is ideal for any kind of security services.

For further details, visit their website now https://www.eaglesecuritysolutions.co.uk/

A Complete Guide on Choosing the Best Security System for Your Home

With crime on the rise, security concerns are always on people’s minds. A home security system can ease your fears, by arming your home and deterring intruders. Today’s home security systems come with a variety of payment and equipment options. With so many options, it can often be difficult to decide which security system is the best for you. Luckily, we’ve prepared a complete guide to help you select the best home security system.

These are some considerations for selecting a Home Security System:


1. Types of Home Alarm Monitoring

Monitoring is a key part of every alarm system. It ensures safety during emergencies and keeps your home secure. However, not every monitoring process is identical. There are three types of security monitoring methods available: landline, broadband, and cellular. Landline is the cheapest option, but it is outdated now. Broadband monitoring uses an internet connection to alert the monitoring centre in case of an emergency. This type of monitoring is much safer and faster than a landline but less expensive than cellular communication. Cellular monitoring uses a cellular uplink to communicate with the monitoring centre. It’s becoming the new standard because it’s the most reliable connection and is less susceptible to tampering. It’s also faster than the other two options and easier to install.


2. Professional vs. DIY Alarm Installation

One of the most important considerations is the installation. With DIY installation, you have full control. You can decide where the sensors go and put everything together. The great thing about this is that it’s free, so you end up saving a lot. On the other hand, with professional installation, you can simply sit back and relax. A technician takes care of the entire process. You’ll have the guarantee that everything was done right. However, you have to account for the fees and the time it’ll take.


3. Home Security System Packages

Finding the right home security package depends mainly on your needs. If you want basic alarm monitoring, then an intro package makes sense, but if you want something which keeps you alert even while you’re away, you’ll need a system with remote web and mobile access capabilities.


4. Technology and Home Automation Capabilities

Home automation features give you added convenience and control. This feature enables you to turn your lights on and off, lock and unlock your doors, and adjust the temperature with your connected devices. If you want these features, you’ll have to purchase a high-tier system.


5. Customer Experience and Support

Great customer experience has the power to make you feel confident about your choice. When you’re looking at different security systems, be sure to pay attention to the customer service ratings. You should pick a company with knowledgeable, helpful and caring representatives.


6. Security System Costs

Purchasing a home security system is a big investment. So it’s important to keep these five common fees in mind: the monthly, activation, service, relocation, and the cancellation fee. Choose a company that gives the best value for your money.


7. Choosing a Reputable Brand

Keeping all this in mind, you want to get your home security system from a brand which offers the best overall features, and Eagle Security Solutions might be the perfect fit for you!

4 Home Security Trends That Will Keep You Safe in 2019

What is the definition of the best home security?


Previously, a good neighbourhood was enough to ensure you stay protected. Most you had to do was place an iron bolt at your gate.

 But with time burglary spread all over the UK and the burglars started to get past every barrier you placed. This opened doors for technologically inclined home security systems that alerted you and the police of the trespasser’s arrival.

Now, home security systems keep evolving every year to bring something bigger and better.


Let’s look at how security companies are finding new ways to offer you the best home security.


1.  Smart Surveillance

Surveillance cameras have become an essential part of the home security kit. This year, you’ll see them turning from average recorders to highly intelligent devices that track the intruder.


What does that mean?

  • Facial recognition
  • Detecting suspicious packages
  • Alerting you of any movements near the door

In short, these cameras will work around the clock and notify you of any suspicious people lurking on your lawn.


2.  Password Please

Ditch your old school locks for biometric home security.

Most high-profile companies have already switched over to this security system. It is an automated lock system that identifies people with the help of certain markers (e.g. fingerprint, palm print, facial recognition or signature). This means only you or a selected group can enter the premises when alone. Not only does it discourage trespassing but it is also hacker-proof.

Believe us, you don’t have to worry about losing keys or changing passwords when you have biometric barrier guarding your doors.


3. Smash-Proof Security Alarms

You might have a top-notch security system but it can’t withstand the pressure of a burglar’s presence. That’s because most tech-savvy burglars can easily disable the security system before they step into your house. Others might use a weapon to smash the control panel into pieces as soon as they enter. In both cases, you are doomed!


However, the latest models of security system have added ‘anti-smash and crash’ technology. This feature keeps the alarm intact in spite of a broken control panel. So you can be certain that help will be on the way even after the burglar has done his damage.


4. Geo-Fence

You might have heard the buzz about geo-fencing in a business catalogue.  Yet, you may not know about its functionality on the home front. This spectacular security software administers home appliances, thermostats and synchronizes with smart devices you own. So you can monitor your house even when you aren’t home.


It allows you to:

  •  Get notified when your children go in and out the premises
  • Turn off the appliances when you leave the house
  • Have multiple modes and perquisite settings that keep the house guarded at all times

In conclusion, investing in the rapid progression of home security systems is the best way to keep those invasive stalkers and burglars off your lawns.

So what are you waiting for? Go give your house an upgrade!

Need a security solution? The folks at Eagle Security Solutions are always ready to assist you in all your security needs.

Why Every Business Needs A CCTV System

Are you a business owner who prioritizes safety and security for your business? It doesn’t matter whether the answer to the question is a yes or no because having a professional security system is vital for business success.

The most efficient way of making your business premises secure is by installing a CCTV system. CCTV systems will allow you to monitor your entire business without employing a lot of labor. They are reliable and accountable in keeping your businesses safe. Here’s why you need CCTV systems for the growth of your business:

Cost Effective

Getting CCTV systems installed is cost-effective in various ways. With CCTV cameras monitoring the premises of your business, you wouldn’t need to hire guards for protecting different areas of the premises. CCTV cameras will be a one-time investment, which will save you from the cost of manual labor. Moreover, with CCTV cameras installed, the risks of burglary and theft would reduce significantly preventing any costly incidents.

Decrease in Crime

Most criminals target places which don’t have any surveillance tools. These areas are easy to rob as the chances of being caught are less. However, if your business is secured with an efficient CCTV system, no criminal would dare to rob it as the chances of getting caught with proof of the crime recorded on camera would be high.

Full Coverage

Sometimes, burglars tend to take advantage of inevitable human errors, such as the guard being busy. This can be avoided if you have an efficient CCTV system installed in your office as they provide full coverage at all times. CCTV cameras are installed everywhere and ensure they cover the blind spots for other cameras. In this way, you business becomes completely secure from robbery.

Promotes Honesty and Trust

With CCTV cameras monitoring the entire place at all times, the employees will develop a sense of trust that none of their personal belongings will be stolen. Even if such an incident occurs, no wrong accusations will be placed on anyone as all the proof is available on the CCTV cameras. Moreover, employees themselves also behave honestly because they know they are being monitored.

Increase in Employee Productivity

CCTV cameras offer various other in-house benefits besides keeping the premises secure. With the employees aware they are being monitored and their bosses can see how much work they’re doing, they make an extra effort and work harder. The overall productivity in the workplace increases.

Peace of Mind

Installing CCTV systems gives a peace of mind to both the employees and the business owner as they guarantee complete protection of the business at all times. This reduces the stress levels in the office.

Every business is installing CCTV systems in their offices as it has become extremely crucial for ensuring everyone’s safety. If you are looking for a company that offers the most proficient CCTV systems then visit Eagle Security Solutions today!

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