The Best Places to Install a CCTV System in Your Home

Install a CCTV System in Your HomeToday’s high crime environment absolutely mandates the use of CCTV cameras. If you value your security, you should get a high-quality all-weather CCTV system for the protection of your home and workplace.

However, it is very important to understand that it’s not just the quality of the system that is important but also its placement as well.

Let us check out some of the best places where you can install your brand-new close circuit TV (CCTV) camera system.

The Exterior of the House: Front Door

Contrary to popular belief, burglars do not always sneak in via the rear window. It is possible for them to walk straight through the front door. It makes a lot of sense to install a camera at the main entrance in order to keep tabs on anyone that comes to your home.

The Back and Side Doors

The fact that you have installed a camera at the front door is no reason to believe that your back and side doors are also secure. In fact, just about any entrance that allows ‘out of sight’ visitors to enter undetected has to be covered. This is the best way to ensure that there are no uninvited visitors around.

The Garage and the Driveway

A day and night capable camera mounted at or near your garage and the driveway will help you to keep a watchful eye on your grills, bikes, cars tools, sports equipment, and also everyone that handles your stuff. If there is an access gate that allows entry to the driveway, then you should mount a camera there to spot anyone who might be attempting to gain entry without your permission.

The Front and the Back Yards

Monitoring your lawn and front and back yards will allow you to observe anyone scoping out your home from the street outside.  It will also help you to see the activities of your kids, animals, and even trespassers.

Common Areas in The Interior of The House

Placing multiple cameras in various gathering points like the living room, the den, or the kitchen will help you see what your kids and guests are up to when you are not around. It can also ensure that you will be able to observe the activities of the repairmen and other hired help as well.

In light of the above, we may conclude that a CCTV system an absolute must for the safety and security of your family. However, it can only truly help when it has been properly installed in the right places.

The Benefits of Having an Alarm System

Are you confused about whether or not to invest in an alarm system? Well, you’re in luck! We’ve listed a few benefits of an alarm system to help you see how useful installing one is. Alarm systems can be wireless or wired. Regardless of the type, they have numerous benefits for the place they are installed in.

1.     Constant Protection

Constantly ensuring your property is safe is difficult by solely relying on human means. In this regard, having an alarm system comes in handy. Alarm systems provide protection against threats 24/7. These threats are not limited to criminals, but also include unforeseen circumstances like fire.

2.     Strong Deterrent

Criminals who see that your premises are protected by an alarm system are less likely to actually rob you. Having an alarm system will ensure not only your safety, but also the safety of your neighbourhood.

3.     Uninterrupted Functionality

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of having a monitored home security system is the uninterrupted functionality. Your premises are being monitored at all times— something you cannot do on your own. These systems offer 24/7 monitoring, and can alert the emergency personnel if necessary.

4.     Protect Your Valuables

Perhaps the most useful and most sought-out benefit is the protection of your valuables. These could be any sort of items – something that is actually priceless or something with great sentimental value. Either way, with an alarm system, you no longer need to worry about whether it is secure or not.

5.     A Sense of Comfort

The aspect of comfort also increases if you know that every inch of your property is guarded externally and internally due to a strong security alarm surveillance system. Having a system record all activities happening on your premises lets you be at ease about your safety.

6.     Remote Surveillance

Security systems today allow you to remotely monitor the environment of your home, even while you’re away. You can do this via by the cameras installed around your home or control the door locks, lights, and other such devices.

7.     Decline in Insurance Costs

Insurance is normally very costly. Apart from not needing insurance since alarm systems discourage criminals altogether, there is another way to lower insurance costs. While a lot of first time homeowners are not aware of their home insurance policy, it is important to note that most insurance companies provide a large discount to homeowners who have a home security system installed.

8.     Reduced Energy Consumption in the House

Home automation is a relatively new concept, but it is quickly becoming popular. This service allows users to control and access the lighting, thermostat and sometimes small appliances at home through a remote. This is a beneficial feature for deterring intruders as it can make it look like someone is home when they are not.

Eagle Security Solutions has a number of different types of alarm systems you can pick from to get all these benefits as soon as possible!

The Benefits of Business Security Systems

Most companies lose millions of pounds because they don’t have a proper and reliable security system. Security systems have the ultimate power to catch fraudulent employees, criminals, shoplifters, etc. Therefore, without a security system, the risk of business damage increases. As we all know, robbery and burglary are on the rise in the UK and every business requires safety and security.

Business owners have a lot of things to manage on a daily basis; security management would be an additional burden for them. Hence, high-tech security systems are the best solution for businesses. Most successful business owners have installed security systems in their workplace. There are several reasons that make the installation of security systems beneficial for businesses.

Let’s have a look at some of the following:

1. It Can Protect Your Business from Theft

The most important reason for the installation of security systems is that they help to protect your business from burglary and theft. Security systems can easily capture the presence of intruders and burglars in your workplace. This means that they can keep intruders at bay by noticing their every move. Automatically, in this way, there will be fewer thefts and your business will be secured.

2. It Can Help to Increase the Productivity of Your Employees

If you have proper security camera systems installed in your office building, employees will be aware that their boss is observing them. This will prevent your employees from sleeping and misbehaving while they are working. Your employees would know that their videos are being recorded by the camera, which is why they will make sure to perform well and show their best behavior in the office.

3. It Will Attract Customers

Everyone loves a safe and secure working environment, especially clients. Having a proper security system in your workplace would keep your customers at ease as they know that there will be fewer chances of robberies and theft in the establishment. This will increase your customers and lead to business growth.

4. It Will Prevent Unauthorized Entry

Your workplace has certain documents and things that are highly important. Also, there are some confidential files that many business owners keep safe in their offices to prevent fraudulent activities in the business. Security systems will protect your office from unauthorized entry that may harm the future of your business.

5. It Will Help Security Authorities to Gather Evidence

One of the major reasons for installing security systems is that it can help police authorities catch burglars, thieves, and shoplifters that may have harmed your business. The advanced security systems can capture unusual activities and incidents in your territory and can help security authorities gather evidence against the culprit.

Now that you know the benefits of installing a security system for your business, we suggest that you get one immediately.

Choosing Between Sound and Silent Alarms

Alarm systems for burglars, robbers, home intruders, and vandals are mainly of two types: sound and silent.
Sound-based alarm systems emit a loud noise and warning like a siren or bells when they detect any unusual activity around the house. On the other hand, silent alarm systems instantly alert the authorities without making it obvious to the intruder.
There are numerous pros and cons of each alarm system and which one is better for you is really up to you in the end. Choose the right one according to your situation.
Sound-Based Alarm Systems

  • Sound-based alarm systems are more likely to scare off any potential burglars and intruder. Most burglars and thieves want to avoid confrontations and slip in and out discreetly so a loud alarm will send them packing.
  • Sound-based alarm systems will immediately alert you and allow you to take better precautions. You can call the authorities or attempt to escape.
  • Sound-based alarm systems will alert your neighbors as well, allowing them to protect themselves while calling the authorities or coming to your aid.
  • Sound-based alarm systems create a lot of noise and this could prove to be a nuisance if there are repeated false alarms or in an area with many wild animals.
  • In some rare cases, alarms could provoke aggression and fight response in home invaders and compel them to create hostage situations. The situation could be made more dangerous for you with the invader panicking.
    Silent Alarm Systems
    • They do not disturb the neighbors and the neighborhood thus they are more environmentally friendly.
    • They do not alert the burglar or invader. Therefore, they are more likely to be caught in time at the scene of the crime by the police.
    • The authorities are guaranteed to respond.


      • Because they have no sound, silent arms will not notify you as well. They could notify you through a phone alert or a blinking light but chances are you will be in deep sleep and unable to respond and better prepare yourself and your family.
      • Since they do not alert the intruders, they are more likely to penetrate much deeper into the house. This could potentially raise the threat and danger level if the intruder is armed and manages to reach you.
      • Since neither you nor the intruder is alerted, it could mean a possible confrontation occurs if you go to the toilet or to get water. This could rapidly escalate the situation than if you had known and kept yourself locked in.


Ultimately, there is no definitive answer for which alarm system is better. It is a highly contextual answer and must be dealt with on a case to case basis. If you live in or near London then contact Eagle Security Solutions today for all your private and commercial security needs. The numbers and email addresses for our different offices are available on our website. We look forward to welcoming you and hatching out the best alarm system for your needs and situation after conducting extensive testing and research.

Signs Your Alarm System Needs Maintenance

An alarm/security system needs regular maintenance to ensure it continues functioning optimally. Remember to inspect the individual components, change the batteries when needed and ensure that all the individual parts are effectively communicating with one another. Your main control pad and monitoring services will help you keep track of the system’s performance, but you should conduct your own inspections as well to make sure your security system is working properly and to the best of its ability. To avoid expensive repair costs and to stay protected, it’s a good idea to get alarm maintenance on an annual basis. Some signs indicate that your alarm system needs maintenance. We’ve listed them below.


1. Lights Not Turning On

The wind sometimes causes security lighting to shift slightly, so the lights’ aim shifts or they turn off. Remember to check whether this is due to some external factor or because of power issues. Adjusting the security lights will ensure maximum effectiveness.


2. Beeping

It’s obvious that if your alarm system or smoke detector is beeping too much or repetitively, then it needs to be checked. This can be disruptive and lead to false alarms, so make sure to address this problem quickly.


3. Control Panel Problems

Given that the control panel is the entire brain of your security system, it’s essential that it works properly. Every sensor’s signal passes through it, and it ensures what to activate. Most panels have a “test” mode, which allows them to run a self-diagnostic to check if everything is working properly. You can also visually inspect the panel to look for loose wires or any signs of damage, which could include dust and pests. Notify your alarm company immediately if you notice signs of malfunction or of wear and tear.


4. Battery Issues

This is the most common maintenance issue that comes up with any alarm system. Changing your security system battery, which is essential to maintaining your system, will only take a few minutes and can be done by yourself. The battery is normally located in the control panel itself. You will know when to change your security system battery because your keypad will indicate a sign like “trouble” or “low battery.”


5. Wiring Problems

If you have a wired alarm system, it’s likely that the wires will face wear and tear over time. Remember to get these checked and replaced so that there is no great fault with your system.

If there is a camera (for instance, in CCTV systems) or any other equipment to look out for, then make sure the equipment’s condition is good and keep an eye out for any other signs of damage.

Here, at Eagle Security Solutions, we provide maintenance service contract designed for home and commercial alarm systems. To request a quotation, please click “Get a quote” in relation to your required service below and provide us with the details of your alarm system!

6 Reasons Why You Need a Home Security System

In today’s day and age, with people getting busier and crime levels on the rise, there is a definite need to invest in a home security system. We’ve listed a few reasons that tell you how important it is for you to install a home security system.

1. To Protect and Secure Your Home

Perhaps the most obvious reason you need a security system is to protect and secure your home. Having a burglar alarm, a CCTV system or any security system ensures your property is protected at all times. Apart from protecting your home from robberies, home security systems are also good means of preventing fires from destroying your house because they come with smoke-detectors.

2. To Constantly Monitor Your Home

With a home security system, you can monitor your house at all times. So if you’re away on vacation, you can still watch over your home. You can monitor all activity inside and outside the house to prevent any crime from occurring. And you can also keep an eye on the kids!

3. To Protect Your Valuables

Apart from protecting your entire home, you need a security system to protect your valuables as well. This could include small valuables or larger things, but with a security system, you can keep them safe.

4. To Have Home Control

Another great thing about many home security systems is the added features they offer. For instance, you have greater home control. You can do things like automatically turn your alarm system on and off and your porch lights on/off, lock your doors when you want, and adjust the temperature on the thermostat. You can even unlock the garage door and basically have greater control over your home through this.

5. To Have an Advanced Standard of Living

Smart home technology, such as security systems, offers you an advanced standard of living. A standard of living is a psychological state for human beings. Improving the standard of living is important for those who are class-conscious. With home security systems, you live with better security, which automatically means you have better productivity as well.

6. For Medical Emergencies

Now, many security systems have a medical alarm as well. Though very few companies offer this technology with a home security system, it’s a very useful service. The system includes a press button or a cord you can pull if there is an emergency. This will quickly notify the medical authority to dispatch their emergency service as soon as possible.

Eagle Security Solutions offers a number of security systems you can choose from to ensure you are always protected.

How to Secure Your Business

So you have set up your newly formed business and gotten every affair in order. Your first stock of products is here, employees are all sorted out, and you are all ready to start operating.

Returning the next day, you find your store has been ransacked – the stock is gone and the petty cash safe has been cleared!
This could have been avoided if you had taken the minimum necessary business security measures. Sure, we have the police and public security measures but a private entity like a business which deals in assets and valuables cannot afford to not have its own security system.
If you want to make your business secure for operations at all times, here are the basic security measures you may want to take!

1. Burglar Alarms

Burglar alarms automatically detect movement and motion through motion sensors and alert the relevant authorities if they are not turned off in time. Whether you choose a system that starts a loud alarm to scare off the burglar or not, installing a burglar alarm is an effective measure which helps cut down the costs of persistent security guard surveillance.

2. CCTV Surveillance Systems

Surveillance cameras are an excellent and trustworthy measure for increasing business security. With their constant patrolling and surveying, they prove to be superior to security guards. The benefit with CCTV systems is that they record and capture video which can help track down and apprehend criminals and burglars through facial detection mechanisms. The footage is also admissible as evidence in the court of law, making it easier to build a case against the culprits. CCTV surveillance systems are a standard option and placed at strategic locations on most business premises.

3. Door Entry Systems

Once everyone has gone home for the night and only one main supervisor is left on site, door entry systems will lock and bolt down every entrance and door on your business premises. This not only makes them shut so tight that it is almost impossible to open them without breaking them but it also alerts other security mechanisms when a breach occurs.

4. Phone Integration

Opt for a system that integrates all security functioning for emergency purposes into your phone or gives you remote access. This can allow you to monitor and remotely keep a check whenever you want. It will also give you access during a break in or emergency. However, this should not be your first line of defense but only a backup in case your primary systems fail so you can alert authorities on your end.

Looking for Security Installers?

If you are now convinced on the necessity and importance of having, at least, minimum security measures for your business then contact a security installing service today!

If your business is located in or near London then contact Eagle Security Solutions. We service all private and commercial needs in and around London. The numbers and email addresses for our different offices are available on our website. You can trust us to provide a comprehensive security installation network for your business premises!

How You Can Start a Neighborhood Crime Watch in Your Area

Due to the ever-increasing crime rate, communities not just in the UK alone, but all over the world have now formed their very own protection brigades. In fact, most of these Neighborhood Crime Watch Programs have been designed to help cut down local crime. They can help do this by involving different members of the community to keep watch and patrol the streets.


As a general rule, such programs are a direct result of sudden and severe surges in crime rates in a particular locality. This prompts the people to band together to form community protection programs to keep an eye on strangers and suspicious people in the locality. Here is how you can go about setting up such a program in your own community as well:


Plan an Initial Meeting

This meeting is very important because it will help to ascertain the exact level of interest in the whole community. When you decide to canvas and ‘sound out’ your neighborhood, you should include as many local area members as possible. Don’t hesitate to ask teenagers, tenants, and even local businesses for help.


Pick Your Captain

The captain of your crime watch should be a well-respected and stalwart member of the community. Moreover, he should be the kind of person who would be both willing and able to take charge, as an when required. Retired cops and soldiers make great captains because they are self-starters and have been trained not to panic in any untoward situation.


Obtain ‘Up to Date’ Contact Information

You should make an Excel worksheet of all the members of the watch program. The sheet should be checked periodically for current contact numbers and addresses off the members of the watch.


Contact the Local Law Enforcement Agencies

Once you have your volunteer network in place, you should proceed to get in touch with the local law enforcement agency. You should ask them to extend their co-operation and guide you through any emergency situation that your team members might have to face.


Set up an Area Community Notification System

The key to all successful neighborhood anti-crime programs lies in fostering excellent communication among the respective members. They should always be updated regarding patrol rosters, meeting times and places as well as who to contact in case of an emergency.


Combat Weapons

While it is better to be armed with a smartphone and a whistle, in case it’s a particularly dangerous neighborhood, the local crime watch members should be allowed to carry their legal weapons as long as they know how to use them, and they practice diligently at the local shooting range.



Once you have the crime patrol up and running, you have to keep it motivated and energized by including new members every time old ones drop out.

How to Stop Theft Incidents in Your Office

Theft incidents in the office are far more common (and potentially more damaging) than most business owners seem to realise. Here, we are not just talking about stolen lunches and pens and other stationery items. In fact, computers, cash, and most important of all, even employee identities can be stolen from an office building; often with devastating results.

However, there is no need to stand helplessly by as employee theft continues to wreak havoc on your office supplies and finances. There are certain actions that you can easily take in order to make sure that all such incidences of employee theft have been minimised, and the amount of damage they cause is also kept at a bare minimum. Let us check out a few pointers that can help you to do the needful:

You Should Try and Hire the Right People for The Job

It is simply not enough to completely rely on the credentials and the qualifications of the candidate. While taking things at face value may seem very convenient, trusting strangers can get you into a load of trouble. This is why you should also try and perform a thorough background check of the candidate. This might help you to uncover information that the candidate has gone through great pains to hide.
And even if that is not the case, a methodical background check will allow you to catch a glimpse of his work ethics with regard to his previous behavior. After all, what he has been doing in the past, he will almost certainly continue to do so in the future as well.

Review the Organisational Structure Of Your Business

Suppose you have given too much power to a single manager. The age-old adage ‘power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely’ might apply in this situation. If there is no system of check and balance in place, then how will you be able to measure accountability? Especially with regard to financial transactions? This is why each and every position in the organisation must have its matching accountability criteria. Not doing so can only increase the risk of fraud.

Don’t Leave Them to Their Own Devices

Most petty crimes and thefts are committed by unsupervised employees left alone for a long time. Encouraging teamwork and a buddy culture can help in alleviating this issue to a great extent.

Theft incidents do not need to be an inevitable part of doing business. If you are able to employ proper safeguards against this menace, the odds are that you will not only curtail it to a significant extent, but eliminate it altogether.

How to Keep Your Home Secure From Afar

Let’s say you’re off to a vacation; who’ll look after your house in the meanwhile? Well, there are a number of different security measures you can take to keep your home secure when you’re not around.


1. Install a Professionally Monitored Home Security System

The best way to protect your home from burglaries and break-ins is by having a home security system, which includes door and window sensors. Installing a monitored home security system will be in your favour as the alarm company will automatically contact the authorities in case of a breach while you’re away.


2. Install Outdoor Security Lights

Homes that are dark are more likely to be robbed. If you illuminate areas on the outside from which a burglar could enter (such as the back door), it will deter criminal activity because they’ll be afraid of being caught. Also, these lights will make it seem like someone is home and discourage potential criminals from trying to break in.


3. Install a Video Doorbell

This lets you answer your front door from anywhere. It can be connected to your phone, so each time the doorbell rings, you get an alert and you can speak to and see the visitor.


4. Invest In Security Cameras

If you place security cameras inside and outside your property, you are more likely to catch a criminal in the act and deter them from robbing you. They’re a great way of keeping an eye on your house and ensuring it’s safe from afar.


5. Install Strong Locks

Remove your traditional locks which are easy to pick and invest in stronger ones. It’s also a good idea to add a dead bolt to entryway doors. In case of sliding glass doors, install locks that wedge between the track and the door to make sure someone cannot open them from the outside.


6. Lock Everything

This is a simple step which you need to remember before leaving your home. Make sure all the windows and doors are properly shut and locked and the curtains and blinds are closed.


7. Keep Your Valuables in a Safe

Even if someone ends up breaking in, there are still ways to ensure your valuables are safe. This is by making sure that they are in a Safe, which cannot be accessed by just anyone.


8. Don’t Publicly Show That You’re Away

Avoid showing on your social media that you’ll be away because that’ll attract attention and potential criminals. So if you keep your whereabouts hidden, you are less prone to robbery.

There’s also other more basic stuff you can do such as leave a key with a friend or your neighbour to keep checking up on your home, hide your spare key, and lock the garage door (basically all entry and exit points). Either way, Eagle Security Solutions provides you with a range of devices to keep your home secure from afar.

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