Door Entry Systems – Entry Protection

Door entry systems are a great way to protect a home or business from unwanted entry. They protect the doors of homes and businesses so that only authorized individuals can enter. There are several ways to do this. There are simple intercoms or video intercoms that can be run by a guard so that only those that he or she recognizes are allowed to enter. Or there are keypads that require the correct code to unlock the door. There are also proximity readers that require a key card to enter. The best brands include BPT, Videx, Comelit, ACT, Bitron, and Aiphone.

Intercoms are probably the easiest way to protect your doors. They are simple and easy to use. They allow for two way communication so that the person on the other side of the door can identify themselves. These come with door lock release so that once cleared, the person can enter without the home owner or business owner having to go open the door manually. Video intercom door entry systems are even better. They allow you to both see and hear your visitors so you have even better information as to who wants access to your home or business.

Proximity door entry systems stay locked unless the person has a key card. These can be worn around the neck, kept in the back pocket or wallet, or on the person elsewhere. A person with a proximity key card only has to be near the reader to get the door to unlock. So full arms are no problem, there is no stopping to press a call button, or the need to pass the key card directly over the reader. On the other hand, keypad access does provide better protection. Where key cards can be lost, codes are stored in the system so that they can’t be lost or stolen like a key card can.

Door entry systems are better installed by technicians who are trained and certified by professional bodies such as NSI and SSAIB in UK. Your entry system will come with its own certificate showing that it was installed professionally. This certificate will provide you with the opportunity for regular maintenance, guarantee work if something goes wrong, and peace of mind knowing that it will always be there for you. Entry systems are a good place to start protecting your home or business. There are many more options to further increase the security to ensure that your interests are protected.

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