Why You Should Consider Having a Commercial Security System for Your Business

Why You Should Consider Having a Commercial Security System for Your BusinessManagers and business owners already have their plate filled with issues concerning business operations. Additionally, having to deal with security concerns is the last thing they want. With a bunch of business aspects to focus on, it isn’t a wise idea to focus your brain power on security when you don’t have to. Investing in a commercial security system holds long term benefits for you, the business owner. With adequate security lighting, access control systems, burglar alarms and surveillance cameras, you would have one less thing to worry about. Having an alarm system notifies you when an unattended property is being intruded by burglars. You don’t have to be present on the property physically to look over it.


Let’s go through a few reasons why you should consider having a security system for your business.


1. Powerful deterrent

One of the first things burglars check in a home or commercial property of interest is whether it has an alarm system. The ones that do are at a significantly lesser risk of being a target for burglaries and intrusions. If the burglars spot an alarm system, they would look elsewhere. Even if they don’t spot it, the sensitive security system will blare out alarms as soon as it detects their presence in the premise.


2. Reducing theft within the company

If your business deals with the general public, it is vulnerable to theft. Theft in companies usually occurs internally. Employers may embezzle and there have been several cases where the employers keep stealing from their employees for months or even years without anyone noticing. If an employer steals for the first time successfully, they are almost always tempted to try again. A strong commercial security system prevents them to do so and lets the employer know of any fishy business happening within the company. Similarly, if your shop has products on display, you are vulnerable to customers stealing unless you have CCTV cameras and alarms installed.


3. Peace of mind for business owners

A business owner knows how difficult it is to build a business from the ground up and break ins are one of the worst things that can happen to them. With an automated security system, business owners need not worry one bit about security related issues. Any security concerns that arise are detected and managed immediately through commercial security systems and their operators. Commercial security systems can relieve a business owner of all security related aspects so they can focus their energies on constructive work!


4. Protection from fraudulent claims

It is not uncommon for employees to file fraudulent claims against big business to make some money out of the ordeal. However, if your business is covered by a commercial security system, with CCTV cameras, you will have solid evidence on your hands to prove otherwise. Therefore, if God forbid, an employee claims to suffer from a workplace injury or other false claims, your CCTV coverage will keep you covered from the possibly adverse consequences of such situations.

4 Ways to Protect Your Home from Burglars

4 Ways to Protect Your Home from BurglarsWhether you live in an urban downtown or a nice suburb, you can never be too sure when it comes to burglaries. If there are ways to get inside the household with minimum attention at a time where no one is around the house, a burglar interested in your house will find it somehow. They are always on a lookout for any opportunities they can get to make their way into the house and rake in as much valuables as they can.


Burglars have come up with more clever ways to carry out theft in a systematic manner that involves minimal risk. They may look for expensive cars parked in the drive way, check that house out for points of entry, then mark a nearby post or the letterbox. The trespassers will then come in the dark of night, knowing which house to target.


No matter how intricate their methods get, you can always outsmart them with some ingenuity to secure your household. Let’s go through some of the ways to protect your home from burglars.


1. Make sure the doors and windows are locked before going to bed

As measly as this one may seem, the number of homeowners that take this basic preventative measure for granted is staggering. Around 40% of break ins occur without the use of force. So, the least you can do is make sure that the deadbolts on the doors are shut close and the windows are locked close as well. When choosing windows for your home, keep security in mind and go for security geared designs.


2. Don’t be a show off

Most of the burglars do their research first, and if you have expensive electronics being flaunted by the front window, your home is going to be a viable target. You don’t want to be loud about your possessions whatsoever. Additionally, be mindful of how you discard the packaging or boxes of your huge flat screen or other electronics. Do not leave them out to wait for the garbage man to pick up. Cram it in the garbage bin if you have to but don’t leave it on display. You also might want to keep the living room flat screen in a not so easy to spot area from the front window.


3. Get a dog. A small one will do just fine.

Dogs make great companions and guards. When you think of a guard dog, the first few breeds that rush to mind are Rottweilers, German Shepherds and Doberman pinschers. Even though large scary guard dogs can scare away burglars, smaller breeds are sufficient too. No matter what kind of dog you have in the house, it will complicate the situation for the burglar and he would not want to get involved since they usually look for easy jobs.


4. Install a CCTV system

CCTV systems are a lot more inexpensive now than they used to be a decade ago. No matter how small your house is, CCTV cameras can cover your entire property and give you a live feed on a monitor you can place in your garage or the kitchen. Burglars stay clear of homes equipped with CCTV cameras and if a robbery does take place, the footage will be helpful to the police to track down the culprit.

5 Effective CCTV Maintenance Tips for Practical Use

CCTV Maintenance TipsRampant crime rates and insecurity are major issues in the modern society. In order to prevent trespassing, vandalism, or theft, security guards would be hired to keep an eye on the premise property. However, CCTV systems have revolutionized the way we safeguard our private properties. You no longer need to have people physically present in the vicinity to be monitored. Each and every part of a property can be closely monitored by setting up CCTV cameras around the property to secure yourself. However, you don’t want to end up having an expensive yet ineffective CCTV surveillance system. This is why it’s maintenance should be a top priority for optimum function.


Let’s go through the CCTV maintenance checklist that you can use to ensure your CCTV system is working at its best.

1. Is the lens clear?

CCTV cameras are often neglected and endure the harsh elements of nature over time. Your CCTV system may be systematically perfect, but if the camera lens is smudged or dirty then it is of no use. In order to make sure you have a video feed at all times, look for dust, water spots and smudges on the lens of all your cameras and clean the debris right off, preferably, with a CCTV camera cleaning solution.


2. Is the landscape trimmed?

In order to have a clear and vast over sight of your property, you need to keep obstructions to a minimum. If bushes and trees are left unattended, they can take up a lot of space and block off everything behind them. Make sure that all the vines, trees and bushes near your CCTV camera are trimmed and don’t obstruct the camera.


3. Is your power supply good to go?

In the event of a storm, it is important to check the power supply to the CCTV system. If it is connected to a UPS, then make sure its battery is fully charged. Not checking the power supply thoroughly after an unwanted natural event can result in loss of power for the CCTV system and from that point on, it would be futile until the power supply is corrected. You might want to check whether the cameras are supplied with their recommended voltage using a voltmeter. If it isn’t, your camera is going to malfunction and fail often.


4. Is the wiring in good condition?

The wiring and cables of a CCTV system are just as important of a component as the cameras. Check whether the wiring is free of fray and wear. Because the wiring is laid outdoors too, it needs to be properly insulated. Additionally, the connectors and cable entry points are the two main areas where loose wiring problems occur so check them to ensure the wiring is positioned correctly. The coaxial connectors must also be insulated. Furthermore, to maximize the input from the cameras to the control room, checking the transmitted video signal is one of the best things you can do. The signal must be free of distortion, EMI and rolling.


5. Is your DVR clean?

Over time, DVRs can accumulate layers of dust over them and this can take a toll on its performance. Wipe your DVR regularly to prevent dust from depositing in the first place. It is best to use microfiber cloth for wiping. You may also use a blower for those hard to reach crevices.

Hard Wired Systems vs. Wireless Alarm Systems

Hard Wired Systems vs. Wireless Alarm SystemsYour security needs and the type of burglar alarms and wireless alarm systems you should choose depends on the area of your home or office. With so many advancements in technology, it has become quite difficult to pick the right security system for your house. As far as old security systems go, you have the traditional CCTV systems, fire alarms, carbon monoxide detector and intercom. On the other hand, you have the smart technologies that include video surveillance with audio, cloud storage videos, smart phone operation and remotely controlling different system from anywhere.

Following are the pros and cons of a hard wired and wireless alarm system:

Wireless Alarm System


  • Cost

While the cost might seem a little high at first, but it more than makes up for the features it offers. The overall maintenance is extremely low and you don’t have to worry about installation. Most companies offer alarm maintenance services annually with their products.

  • Installation Time

Since you don’t have to worry about any wires, depending on a four bedroom house, it takes around 5 hours to complete the installation.

  • Aesthetics

A wireless alarm system blends naturally with the exterior and interior of your house. It is clean, less disruptive and comes in various designs to match the house’s decor.

  • Extensions

Adding a new alarm system type such as a motion detector is quite easy. Since all devices are controlled by a smart phone app, the extensions will work on the same frequency and require nothing more but a connection from the server and you are good to go.

  • Temporary Removal

If you are doing some DIY project on the wall that has the alarm system on it, then you don’t have to worry about calling in the maintenance guy for help. Simply remove the device and type in the master code on the LCD pad to silence it. Once you are done with the DIY, attach the alarm back.

  • Portable

If moving to a new house, simply call over the alarm maintenance service and get all the alarms removed.


  • Running Costs

Batteries in alarms such as sirens, door contacts, keypads, etc., require a battery change after every 2 years. As for the control panel, a battery change is required after every 5 years.

  • False Alarm

An alarm with a lower frequency band is more likely to trip up often. Alarm with a frequency band of 868MHz tends to be more stable and quiet.

Hard Wired System


  • Low Running Costs

Since everything operates on wiring, there’s no need for a battery change. Only the battery in the main panel will have to be changed after 5 years.

  • No False Alarms

Since there are no motion detectors, there’s a very low chance of the system malfunctioning. If a false alarm does occur, it might be due to the battery dying.

  • Performance

Systems that meet the EN 50131 British Standards are the best for domestic and commercial security purposes.

  • Secure

If installed by a professional, the system is as secure as a wireless alarm. Even if the cables are chewed on by mice, you will be notified through the tamer circuit.


  • Cost

The cost is much lower than a wireless system but the installation is complex. In domestic areas, the cost is higher because it requires more time for trunking, so that the cables can be hidden out of sight.

  • Installation Time

Depending on a four bedroom house, it takes around 1.5 days to complete the installation.

  • Unappealing Look

If the wires are not properly hidden, they might drop down from the window or the main door of the house, which can be quite unappealing.

  • Additional Cost on Extensions

Adding another security system in your shed can be a problem if the cables do not reach the main control panel. This means running a new cable from the main source and re-routing it, so that it reaches the system.

  • No Temporary Removal

Removing any part of the alarm system can result in a disaster. A single miscalculation on your part when rewiring can cost you your life and valuables. It may also blow up the auxiliary fuse. In case you want to remove it temporarily, better call a security installer.

  • Not Portable

Though the devices can be disconnected and removed, you will need another set of cables for your new home.

If you are ready to get an alarm system installed in your house, Eagle Security Solutions will help you determine which one is best suited to your security needs. They offer a wide range of security products along with alarm monitoring service and alarm maintenance. For further information, call 020 8853 0580.

Best Places to Conceal Indoor Security Cameras for Optimal Safety

Thief opening a window
As a home owner, you know how important it is to get things fixed fast. The “To Do” list is endless starting from the upkeep of the yard, repairs for electrical and plumbing issues, heater and AC tune-ups, etc. We do all this because our house is the most valuable possession. What we put in, we will get it all back in the end, so going to extreme lengths is worth it.

However, the most interesting thing is that in finding ways for maintaining our house to keep it in top condition, we often forget the most important thing – the one thing that ascertains that our house is protected against potential threats is home security systems. The 24/7 monitoring through an old fashioned CCTV system or the new smart burglar alarms and wireless alarm systems are now a must in every household. The best part about these systems is that you can get the home insurance premiums lowered.


So, now that you have finally decided to install a home security system, the next question that you should be asking yourself is, “Where should I install them?” Most people usually go for the laser focus cameras on the outside, near the main gate. News flash – that is not enough!


Think Beyond Windows and Doors

The two most obvious places where you will see cameras installed are at the back and front door. However, there are several other entry points that a burglar can use for access to your house. It’s time to think a little outside the box.


Eagle View

Ideally, you need to look for an area that provides a clear view of more than one place in the house. For example, two of your rooms might be joined together with a hallway leading out to the dining room. A corner in the dining room might give the perfect view of the hall and the entrance to the rooms’ door. This way, if someone does try to break in through the window, they will be caught on camera when they are found roaming around the house before breaking in.


Monitoring the First Floor Heavily

A surprising fact about home burglaries is that around 72% of burglars enter a house through doors and 26% through windows on the first floor. The vegetation and foliage gives them coverage to enter stealthily and from there, they make their way to the master bedroom. Apart from making sure that your doors and windows are locked or installing door entry systems, another home security measure you can take is install a wireless, internet connected alarm in your master bedroom.


Covering Important Areas

Apart from the master bedroom where most of your valuables are kept, there are other areas that also require monitoring such as the family room, which has the bigger items such as antiques, LCD screen, stereo system, paintings, etc. Then there’s the garage, for which the best monitoring system you can use is a CCTV system.


According to a report by The Office for National Statistics Crime Survey, burglars avoid homes that have visible security systems. Around 60% of people reported of no burglaries due to security systems. A great tip to keep your house safe from thefts and vandalism is to install the security system as high as possible, so that it cannot be reached even with a ladder. The best way to keep your house safe from burglars and other dangers is to install multiple security systems such as the traditional camera and wireless systems, carbon monoxide alarm, fire alarm and door entry systems. If you are looking for these security systems, visit Eagle Security Solutions. The website offers the latest and most advanced security systems in the market.

6 Reasons Why You Need To Have More Than Two Security Systems in Your House

CCTV Camera
Getting a home security system should be the first thing on your mind when you move into your new house. Though these home security measures are a bit expensive, but you cannot afford to not have them installed, considering the security threats you might be prone to. Today, most households have at least one or more security systems. Each system serves a different purpose and offers various benefits in protecting you and your house. Following are six reasons why you need to get security systems installed in your house:


1. Protects Your Family from Intruders

Burglar alarms such as Risco Agility and Visonic Power Master are two high quality alarm systems that offer protection from intruders. These alarm systems not only give you an alert of a break-in, but also give you a prime view and sound through live video, which you can watch on your mobile app. The plus point of these alarms is that you can get them linked to the police department, which offers you the benefit of monitored surveillance. In case there is a break-in, the police will be notified immediately.


2. Protects Your Home from Fires

Today, fire alarms have become a thing of the past. The new and more advanced security systems offer this feature, along with other safety measures. The US Fire Administration reports that a small fire can burn into an inferno in just 30 seconds. These alarms not only alert you of the impending fire, but also the fire departments.


3. Protects You from CO2 (Carbon Monoxide) Poisoning

This odorless and colorless gas can poison a person slowly without their knowing. Often released from heating systems, it goes undetected throughout the house. The nausea and dizziness caused by this leaves a person with no the energy to perform normal functions, eventually making them unconscious. This is where a carbon monoxide detector comes in. This alarm system detects even the smallest of change in the house, giving people plenty of time to vacate the premises. Alarm maintenance on carbon monoxide and fire alarms should be done regularly.


4. Protects Your Valuables

Alarms play a very important role in your absence. There are hundreds of things in our house that are valuable and dear to us. Protecting them when you are away on vacation can be difficult. However, with the help of smart alarms and door entry systems, not only can you monitor your house no matter where you are, you can also notify authorities even before anything happens. Just the sound of the alarm is enough to scare the burglars away.


5. Provides You Peace of Mind

A security system’s presence allows you to work freely in your house. As a working father or mother, leaving kids in the hands of a baby sitter and elders with their care givers is quite a risk. In cases such as these, alarms provide the safety and security that you cannot offer from far.


6. Helps Set the Stage to Scare Away the Intruders

Some security systems allow you to operate other systems in your house remotely. Systems such as the thermostat, lighting and other small appliances can be used to set a stage for the burglars. Not only will this reduce the energy consumption when you are away from the house for a long time, but will also make it appear to the burglars that the house is inhabited.


The safety and peace of mind you get from having multiple security systems inside and outside your house allows you to leave your house in the morning with no worries. If you are looking to get security systems installed in your house, visit Eagle Security Solutions. They have a big inventory of burglar alarms and wireless alarm systems for residential and commercial areas.

5 Safety Tips for Your Home’s Security When Going on Vacation

5 Safety Tips for Your Home’s Security When Going on Vacation

Between the years 2011 to 2012, around 489,450 burglaries were reported in the UK. New reports show that there has been an increase of 13% in the crime rate this year alone. The Office for National Statistics reports that around 10.8 million criminal incidents have been reported all over the UK in 2017. The main reason that can be reported for these criminal offences is unmonitored houses and inadequate security systems.
Following are five home security measures that you need to take before you go on a vacation:


1. No More Keys under the Rug or Flower Pot

72% of the burglars enter the house through the front door, which means that by keeping the key under the rug or the flower pot, you are giving them full access to your house. For burglar-proof safety, get a door entry system that will immediately alert the authorities in case of an unauthorised entry.


2. Install Alarm Away From the Window

Installing security systems outside the house in plain sight is all well and good in keeping the burglars away, but installing burglar alarms and wireless alarm systems inside the house near the windows is like inviting trouble. This will give the burglar an idea about the type of alarm it is and they might easily disable it. Keep these alarms away from sight and install them at a high place.


3. Use Smart Alarms to Create an Illusion

Smart alarms, such as the Honeywell Galaxy and Risco Agility provide homeowners with a smart solution by creating an illusion of the house being occupied while they are away on vacation. According to the Office for National Statistics, most burglaries occur during the night. These alarm systems can be wirelessly connected with other appliances in the house. This way, you can keep the lights on with a digital timer and scare the burglars away.


4. Install the Perfect Combination of Bright Lights, CCTV System and Motion Sensors outside the House

These three security measures make the perfect recipe for scaring a burglar away. The CCTV system will serve as a warning and even then, if the burglars try to enter the house, they will trip the motion sensors and the lights will come on. This will not only alert the authorities but also the neighbours, who will scare them away.


5. Keep All Tools, Especially the Ladder Away from the House

Are you one of those people who leave their tool box out in the backyard? If you haven’t faced any problem yet, then it’s time to take some precautions to make your house safe. These tools can be used by burglars to enter your house, especially a ladder, which can be used to have access to the attic window. This is why, we previously mentioned to install the cameras as high as possible.


Nowadays, you will find multiple burglar alarms and wireless alarm systems in a house. Ensuring that each area of the house is protected requires different types of alarms such as a fire alarm in the kitchen and a carbon monoxide alarm near your gas pipelines. If you are looking for such security systems, then visit Eagle Security Solutions. Their inventory offers residential alarms and business security systems including commercial alarms.

Bot Watch – A Second Set of Eyes to Keep Track of Everything

Bot Watch – A Second Set of Eyes to Keep Track of Everything
It’s been a month now and my girlfriend doesn’t know that I have been watching over her. Before you get me wrong, it’s nothing stalker-ish if that’s what you are thinking. We live in London and the crime rate here has risen exponentially. Though our neighbours our extremely helpful, but every now and then, you get up in the morning for the newspaper and the first thing you hear when you open your door is that your neighbour just got robbed last night.


It’s time like these that I fear that there’s a possibility that my house might be next target. After much careful consideration, I decided to install a wireless alarm system. Now I know when my girlfriend gets up in the morning and what she eats for breakfast, amongst other things. It’s still a running joke, because she hasn’t yet figured where the camera is hidden (and neither would the robbers, if ever tey try to break in) and every now and then, I tease her on what she did during the day.


Reason Why a Simple Security Alarm System Is Not Enough

The time for smoke detectors and the traditional alarm systems has come and gone. They no longer provide the safety and security we are seeking. Keypad locks for door entry systems are all well and good, but what’s the use if the burglar is gone in sixty seconds? All you can do is hope that he will be caught not far from your house, so that you can have your valuables back.

A security system such as Risco Agility by Eagle Security Solutions is a smart burglar alarm that allows you to control your home’s system remotely and keep tabs on every area inside and outside the house. All you need for unlimited viewing access over your house is a smart phone app that will allow you to control the system in real time. It also has two-way wireless sounders that will alert you on the slightest of noise. Since the device has its own Risco cloud server, you can install various other burglar alarms and wireless alarm systems, and integrate and control them remotely from wherever you are.


Home-monitoring devices such as these are quite appealing not because of their smart features, but due to their unobtrusive structure. When talking about security systems, these devices provide a peace of mind that no matter how far you are from your home, someone will be watching over your house. In this case, it won’t hurt since that someone will be you.


As the dynamics of the society change, so does our needs for safety. There was a time when security systems were considered intrusive and people demanded that their neighbours face away the CCTV systems from their home’s entrance. Today, there is no such thing as too much security! The Risco Agility system notifies you immediately even if there is a change in the atmosphere such as a gas leak. It is pet friendly, which ensures that you won’t be tripping over your feet to reach your house every time the dog knocks something over.

Why is it Essential to Install a Home Security System

Why is it Essential to Install a Home Security System
Smart security systems have become a necessity for every household. The increasing number of burglaries indicates that every homeowner should install a monitored security system. It ensures that your house stays safe from intruders. Even if there is a traditional system installed, you should replace it with a modern system to increase its efficacy. Some people avoid its installation considering its high costs and monthly maintenance charges. However, its benefits return your investment in no time.



The most well-known benefit of security systems is that they keep your family and possessions safe from burglars. Even if you hide them in secure places, burglars may find them as they are aware of a majority of hiding places. Moreover, they can also harm you during a burglary attempt if you resisted.


Intruders would run away as soon as alarm goes off. However, the systems ensure your safety even if they enter the house premises despite the alarm sound. Modern systems immediately notify nearest police stations so that they can take quick and timely action.


Medical Uses:

Not many of us know that security systems can also help monitor your medical condition. You can press a button in case of a health-related emergency. The medical alert feature notifies the emergency services and an ambulance or mobile medical aid will reach your home at the earliest. It is a recommended choice for houses with old people living on their own. Not all security systems are equipped with this service, but you can get one for your convenience.


Carbon monoxide is extremely harmful for health. It can cause headache, dizziness, breathing problem and even death if not detected early. You can detect it in time by installing a professional security system in your house.


Energy Efficiency:

Based on Artificial Intelligence, home automation systems have become quite popular within a short time. You can connect your mobile phone or any other device to the automation system via internet. It allows you to manage electricity consumption from a remote location. The security system allows you to modify thermostat settings. You can adjust the temperature according to your requirement and control its use even when you are not home.

Aside from lesser consumption of energy, it helps you give an impression that you are home. It can efficiently keep your house safe from intruders while you are on a vacation.


Reduce Insurance Premium:

Installation of a security system can help you lower your insurance premium. The premium mainly depends on security conditions in your neighborhood and condition of the house. A security system ensures that the house is at a lesser risk of intrusion. However, the security features and efficiency of the system also play a vital role in defining premium.


Peace of Mind:

Home security systems help you attain peace of mind. Knowing that the installed system is capable of dealing with security issues, you don’t have to worry about intruders. You can connect it to any smart device and view live coverage of your home premises. You can keep an eye on your children and pets too for their safety.

How to Keep Your Family Safe with a Temperature Monitoring System

How to Keep Your Family Safe with a Temperature Monitoring SystemYou can convert your house into a smart home with installation of different devices. These devices make it convenient to control energy consumption of your house and enhance the efficacy of security measures. These devices also allow homeowners to monitor climatic conditions inside a residential building. It assists homeowners in maintaining temperature at required level.


1. Cost-Efficient:

Thermostats are a major component of smart homes that allow you to regulate temperature. They are extremely easy to use. However, it is recommended to install them where they are away from the reach of children. You can adjust temperature according to your preferences. The devices are available at low cost and help you lower down your electricity consumption.


2. Real-Time Monitoring:

No matter you are home or not, now you can monitor temperature of your home in real-time. Wireless temperature monitoring devices take away the control from your hands for your ease. You can specify your preferences and they will adjust the temperature accordingly. Based on the algorithms of Artificial Intelligence, they facilitate consumers to maintain required temperature inside the home premises without efforts. It helps in improving the quality of your sleep by maintaining temperature at your desired level throughout the night.


3. Remote Access:

Smart home devices keep a check on humidity and temperature in a building. The devices allow you to monitor conditions even when you are away on a vacation. You can communicate with your device via Wi-Fi connection. They allow you to ensure that your home is safe from potential risks. It saves you from worries when your children or pets are alone at home. You can provide safe conditions through real-time monitoring.


4. Prevent Bacteria Growth:

It is a lesser known fact that smart home devices also improve health conditions. Regular monitoring of temperature, moisture and humidity controls the growth of mold and other harmful bacteria. These elements are harmful for the health of your family. Mold and bacteria usually grow in damp conditions when humidity is above 70%. Smart temperature monitoring helps you prevent their growth and improve health conditions.


5. Data Compilation:

Smart temperature monitoring devices are equipped with a data logger. They maintain a record of temperature at different times of the day. Its digital display facilitates you to access this information as and when needed. Moreover, you can modify different settings and Wi-Fi controls via this digital display.
The devices use efficient sensors to monitor temperature and other weather conditions. It also uses an alarm system to notify you if temperature reaches an extreme level. Moreover, you can view the information on your smartphone.


6. Comfortable Environment:

Maintaining temperature at an optimal level efficiently assists in improving indoor conditions. It provides a comfortable environment where you don’t feel irritated due to humidity or high temperature. Humidity between 30%-50% is ideal for your comfort. Increased humidity also leads to growth of mold and mildew. Moreover, you can connect a smart thermostat to your mobile phone for remote access.

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