Why You Should Choose HD-TVI Security Camera

HD-TVI Security Camera

HD-TVI or High Definition Transport Video Interface is the latest technology that is widely used in modern security cameras. These cameras are more efficient than traditional CCTVs. The technology converts digital signals into analog signals, allowing security cameras to capture and transmit high quality videos in real-time.


Here are the major reasons why you should choose HD-TVI security cameras for your home as well as business:


High Definition Video

HD-TVI security solutions capture HD videos and images. It supports 720p and 1080p quality, which is much better than traditional analog CCTV cameras. High quality video recording allows you to monitor activities in your workplace and zoom in on areas without distortion.


Long Transmission Distance

HD-TVI analog cameras can efficiently transmit high quality videos to a distance of up to 500 meters. It’s three times the transmission distance offered by IP cameras. This feature makes it the perfect solution for businesses and homes.


Easy Installation

The installation of HD-TVI surveillance cameras is an extremely easy process. Unlike IP cameras, you don’t need to establish an IP network. You can either install it on your own or hire professional services for their installation. However, it’s recommended to get a contract for regular maintenance of your security cameras. Regular maintenance enhances their performance and keeps them in optimal condition for long.


High Performance

HD-TVI security solutions are more efficient than other security cameras. Other IP cameras experience delays when transmitting video information. However, since there is no such issue with HD-TVI technology, these cameras don’t slow down and show high performance over a longer period of time. Due to zero latency, they capture videos and transmit them in real-time to your screen.


Cost-Effective Solution

High Definition Transport Video Interface camera is a cost-effective solution that enhances the security of your business. It offers a high resolution at a fraction of cost as compared to other CCTV cameras. Also, you don’t need to spend a hefty sum on establishing an IP network, which also helps you save money.


These security systems have low cabling requirements. You can use coax cables to transmit high quality videos conveniently. Therefore, even if you have a small budget, you can easily secure any space with HD-TVI security cameras.


Infrared Technology

Since HD-TVI cameras have built-in infrared support, they can use infrared waves to keep an eye on your business premise in low light conditions. Its IR LEDs turn on automatically as soon as lights go off so that the camera can record videos even in the dark. IR enabled security cameras capture black and white videos in full resolution.



You can use your HD-TVI recorders to record videos from any analog camera with required configurations. Since these are open source devices, you can also connect them with AHD, HD-CVI or any other HD analog video formats. Furthermore, HD-TVI recorders can also accept video input from IP cameras. These security systems also allow you to connect any fixed or varifocal lens to accommodate your requirements.

Why You Should Refrain from Sharing Your Activities on Social Media

Sharing Your Activities on Social Media
Younger generation finds it fun to share their activities on social media. Whenever they go out of city for vacations, have meals at a restaurant or meet an old friend, they share a status update. However, this practice is extremely dangerous. Do you know 80% of burglars use social media sites to keep an eye on their potential targets?


Why It’s Unsafe to Share Everything via Social Media

Burglars use different social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to know about people who intend to go away for weeks to spend vacations. Social media provides them access to useful information including personal details, length of the trip, and valuable possessions owned by homeowners. With the help of this information, they can target groups of people.


It doesn’t take more than 2 minutes to enter a house and ten minutes to carry out a burglary for burglars. It’s because, nowadays, more than 78% intruders check out the location of a house with the help of Google View. They carry out some research via social media to know how long the homeowners will be away from home and plan their activities accordingly.


How to Stay Safe from Modern Day Burglars

Even if you’re tempted to boast about your trip or fun activities, it’s in your best interest to keep the information to yourself. Share this information only with your close friend or family. No one else is actually interested in you activities and by bragging on social media, you’ll end up compromising your safety.


Never share your detailed travelling plans beforehand, or else potential thieves will get alert and loot your valuable possessions while you’re away. You can share this information only after returning from a tour. Similarly, when you buy an expensive item and post its pictures on Facebook or Instagram, it may attract burglars.


It’s okay to occasionally share personal information on social media. However, refrain from uploading every personal detail on your Facebook account. Moreover, don’t forget to modify privacy settings of your social media account. Make sure your personal information and status uploads are accessible only by your friends list. Avoid befriending unknown people on social media for your own safety.

Even when you don’t share any personal information on your own, your mobile apps will track down your activities when you’re connected to internet. For instance, social media applications such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook messenger share the details with your contacts when you were last online.


Similarly, Google Maps, Snapchat and Facebook track your current location and share this information with your friends circle. These apps aim to provide you a better experience by collecting information. However, if burglars get their hands on this confidential information, they can harm you.



Social media can hamper your privacy and make you vulnerable to online theft. You should try to refrain from sharing personal information or your current location on social sites. Aside from these precautions, it’s best to install an effective home security system. It’ll help you monitor the premise and alert you in time to protect your home from burglars.

How to Choose the Right Commercial Alarm for Your Business

Right Commercial Alarm for Your Business
It takes immense amount of efforts and time to set up your business. You don’t want to leave your assets unprotected. Small businesses lose a significant sum of money every year to burglars. In order to keep unauthorized users away from your tangible and intangible assets, it’s best to install a security system. However, you must be careful when choosing a commercial security system. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice:


Know Your Requirements

Conduct a security review to determine your requirements. You can contact a security company for this purpose. You need to take into account all entrances and exits, hours of operation and vulnerabilities of your workspace.


Aside from your current business requirements, you also need to think of business growth in the near future. Whether you intend to expand your office or purchase more computers for your employees, your business security plan should be able to accommodate such options.

You may want to install CCTV cameras at visible places or choose covert cameras to monitor activities of your employees in real-time. You can also install additional security measures such as motion detectors and access control systems to further enhance safety of your business.



As your business expands, you may need a more advanced security system for your business. Instead of replacing your security cameras every now and then, it’s best to go for an alarm system that you can easily customize anytime to accommodate your requirements. Many security companies offer customizable security systems for large as well as small businesses.


Remote Monitoring

Choose security cameras that support remote monitoring via Wi-Fi connectivity. This way, you can monitor the premises even when you’re away from your office. Not only will it help you protect your business, it’ll also enhance the productivity of your employees.

Businesses can be held responsible for workplace injuries among employees due to unsafe working environment. With the help of CCTV camera recordings, you can resolve disputes and prevent any dishonest claims by your employees.


Choose a Trusted Company

Not only should you purchase security cameras for your business, you should also hire real-time monitoring services. Always choose a trusted security company with a long list of satisfied customers. Carry out some research on the security company to know how long they’ve been in business. Do not forget asking about the warranty of their products.

Acquiring professional services for regular monitoring of CCTV cameras ensures your business faces fewer threats. Before signing a contract, ask them about the average response time for after the alarm goes off.


Understand Terms of Contract

You can install security cameras on your own. However, if you want to hire professional installation services, you should go through the terms of contract before signing the agreement. Some security companies offer their products at discounted rates, if you agree to get into a contract for a few years. Look for the auto-renewal clause to ensure you don’t end up paying big contract fee, just because you forgot to cancel their maintenance service in time.

7 Inexpensive Ways to Improve Home Security

Ways to Improve Home Security
Property crimes are on a rise. FBI reports suggest that around 8 million cases of burglary were reported in 2016 in the US alone. 70% of houses in the UK don’t have a security system. It’s either because they think there’s no risk of burglary in their home or they find security systems expensive. Without any doubt, security systems can protect your house from burglars. However, here are some inexpensive tips to protect your house without a modern security system.


1. Install a Deadbolt

A majority of burglars break into a house via front or back doors. In order to keep them away from your property, install deadbolts. Do not opt for low quality, cheap deadbolts, since they cannot keep intruders away. You should rather invest in a high quality product that minimizes the risk of burglary in your home.


2. Get Window and Door Shades

Before breaking into a house, burglars case it for a few days to ensure there’s no one at home. Window and door shades make it difficult for them to watch your house. Whether or not you’re home, these shades protect your privacy and play a major role in keeping thieves away from your house.


3. Install Garage Timer

Your garage is the easiest target for burglars. Most homeowners don’t find it necessary to protect their garage doors. However, it’s in your best interest to install a garage timer. It’s easy to forget closing your garage door. Garage timer closes it automatically after a pre-defined time period.


Garage doors are usually weak and a burglar can easily break it. You can make it more secure by adding plywood panel and a wooden bar.


4. Protect Your Mailbox

Identity theft is one of the most common crimes around the globe. An overfilled mailbox is the favorite target of burglars through which they can get hold of your personal information. Install an electronic mailbox to protect your personal information. If you’re going away on vacations, you may ask your trusted friends to regularly empty the mailbox for you.


5. Install Warning Signs

Whether or not you have secured your house with a security system, you should use some warning signs to deter burglars. Before breaking into a house, burglars look for any potential threats. Signs such as “Beware of Dog” and “Protected by an Electronic Security System” work magic when it comes to keeping burglars away from your house.


6. Trim Your Garden

Overgrown shrubs and branches of trees provide a hiding place to burglars and allow them to enter the premise of your house conveniently. Regularly trim your garden so that no intruders can hide behind overgrown plants.


7. Don’t Advertise

Many people are tempted to share their activities on social media. If burglars find out you’re away on a vacation, you’re more likely to get robbed of your belongings.


Although you can reduce the risk of burglary with the help of above tips, it’s best to install a modern security system in order to keep your home safe from intruders.

6 Common Mistakes That Make Your House Prone to Burglary

6 Common Mistakes That Make Your House Prone to Burglary
Installing a security system is an effective way to deter burglars from your property. However, it’s not enough to make your house burglar-proof. Despite installing a security system, many people make mistakes that attract burglars like nothing else. Let’s take a look at some common mistakes that you should avoid at any cost if you don’t want to become a target.


1. Hiding Key at Obvious Places

It’s a common practice to hide a key of the front door under a doormat, under a plant pot or at other obvious places. Burglars have become smart and know all the places where homeowners can hide a spare key. You can give the key to trusted neighbors instead of hiding it or get an electronic lock box to keep the spare key of your house.


2. Leaving a Ladder Out

Your house may become the easiest target for burglars if you often leave ladders or other tools in your backyard. If there’s a ladder leaning against the boundary of your house, why won’t a burglar use it to enter the premise? Similarly, if you leave your working tools in the open, burglars can use these to remove hinges of doors and enter your home easily.


3. Leaving Signs That Indicate You’re Away

Never let a burglar know that you’re going away from your house on a vacation. Newspapers piling up near your front door are the telltale signs that no one is home. If you want to go away for a few days, don’t forget to stop the delivery of newspapers. You can also ask your neighbors to pick up newspaper for you.


Not many people are aware of the benefits of programmable light timers. When going away from home, a majority of homeowners turn off the lights, making it easier for intruders to determine whether or not anyone is at home. Some homeowners make the mistake of leaving lights on for days. It allows burglars to easily find their way in.


4. Hidden Entrances

Hidden back doors, vents and basement windows are the major threats for your security. Since these entrances are hidden from neighbors, burglars can easily get into your house without getting caught. Close such hidden entrances to deter burglars. You can install security systems near these entrances to get alert if any intruder tries to enter your house.


5. Overgrown Plants

Overgrown plants provide a great hiding place to burglars. They can case your house without catching attention. Hedges around the garden maintain your privacy. However, they provide the burglars an opportunity to easily break into your house in your absence.


6. Turning Off Burglar Alarms

Never turn off burglar alarm even for a few minutes. All it takes for an intruder to break into your house is a minute or two. Burglars watch a house for a few days to get to know about the activities of occupants. If they find out there’s no one at home, they’ll jump at the opportunity. If the security system isn’t turned on, nothing will stop them from getting hold of expensive items.

6 Common CCTV Camera Mistakes You Should Avoid at Any Cost

CCTV Security Camera Protect Your Home from Thieves
Installing a modern surveillance camera is considered as one of the most-effective practices to secure any space. Many people opt for wired or wireless CCTV cameras at their home or workplace. These security systems aid you in keeping burglars away and keep an eye on the activities of your employees. However, many people make some costly mistakes due to which they end up compromising the safety of their house or office. Here are the most common mistakes you should try to avoid:


1. Installing Low-Quality Cameras

Many people find CCTV cameras expensive, which is why they either avoid installing CCTV cameras or opt for low quality cameras. Low quality cameras may reduce your investment expenses, but they’ll prove to be far more expensive in the long run. They may stop working at anytime, making it useless to install CCTV cameras in the first place.


2. Deciding Not to Acquire Monitoring Services

Property crime is a common problem in the UK. In November 2017 alone, more than 39,000 cases of burglary were reported in the UK. An effective way to deal with this issue is to install CCTV cameras. However, you should also acquire professional monitoring service. If any mishap occurs or an intruder breaks into your home or office, the professionals will take immediate actions.


3. Not Considering Storage Requirements

When buying a surveillance camera, it’s essential to consider your video storage requirements. Make sure that the cameras have capacity to store enough length of video, or else the camera won’t be able to record videos. Also, you should focus on video management requirements, such as frame rate, bandwidth, integration, and scalability, to make the right buying decision.


4. Obstructing the View of Surveillance Cameras

Install a security camera at the right location where any wall, trees or other objects don’t obstruct its view. Similarly, make sure you install these cameras at a reasonable height. If you install a CCTV camera too high in order to cover a larger space, the quality of video will get affected.


5. Assuming that CCTV Cameras Can Multitask

Your CCTV cameras can cover only a single location at a time and cannot multitask. So, if you want to keep an eye on your entire office or home, make sure you install multiple cameras for efficient monitoring. Failing to do so will only allow burglars to enter the space conveniently.


6. Forgetting Maintenance of Cameras

Do you know regular maintenance of a CCTV camera is as important as its installation? Forgetting regular maintenance reduces the lifespan of the security equipment. It’s best to acquire professional services to maintain surveillance cameras and keep them in optimal condition. They’ll monitor the performance of cameras and replace components if the camera stops working.



Modern security cameras are essential to protect any space from intruders. However, the problems arise when people forget to take into account different aspects of security. If you wish to install CCTV cameras, you should try to refrain from making the aforementioned mistakes to make the most of a security system.

4 Clever Ways of Making Your New Home More Secure

Ways of Making Your Home Secure
Are you worried about your home’s security? Perhaps it’ll help to know that 73% of robberies occur in residential properties and these robberies occur every 60 seconds in the UK. If you are thinking that the only thing you can do is to make a hefty investment for your home security that will break your bank, then you’re wrong. Remember that the ultimate goal of your home security is to deter the casual burglar and there are plenty of simple, clever ways you can take to achieve that. While it might be more difficult to protect your home from professional burglars, most home burglaries are committed by amateurs.


Let’s go through the 4 clever ways of making your new home more secure.


1. Get a dog

Dogs are excellent deterrents against uninvited visitors. If you don’t want to get a large dog, you can get a small one and it’ll work just as well! The last thing that the burglar wants when he is trespassing a private property is to draw any kind of attention to himself and with a guard dog present in your house, he will alert everyone in the house as well as the neighbourhood of the burglar trying to break in. As a result, the burglar will want to run away fast.


2. Household security meeting

In order to have optimum security for your household, all members of the household need to be aware of security protocols. It is helpful to integrate home security habits in your household members. In the meeting, make it clear that all household members are to use the door and window every time you leave the house or enter it. Also, the kids shouldn’t open the door to unwelcomed visitors. Additionally, the garage door should be closed at all times, and if it’s not, the first household members to spot it open must close it. Furthermore, the alarm system should be on 24/7, even when you have to make a quick grocery run.


3. Meeting the neighbours

Neighbours are usually the first one to spot any funny business happening on your private property from across the street and can function as an effective first line of defence against burglaries. However, they can’t really keep an eye on your home when you are away if they don’t know you. So, make an effort to get to know the neighbours and build good relations with them. Bake some cookies and head on over if you haven’t already.


4. Keep the landscape well lit and get rid of hiding spots

You should make sure you have adequate lighting in your front and back yard. If you want to go easy on the energy bills, then you might want to get one of those motion sensor lights that only turn on when they detect movement for added protection. A well-lit house is less likely to be broken in just like a house with no hiding places is. If there are any trees or bushes near your house that can provide cover and hiding spots for an intruder, trim them right away. For curb appeal, you can go with flowers instead.

Why You Should Consider Having a Commercial Security System for Your Business

Why You Should Consider Having a Commercial Security System for Your BusinessManagers and business owners already have their plate filled with issues concerning business operations. Additionally, having to deal with security concerns is the last thing they want. With a bunch of business aspects to focus on, it isn’t a wise idea to focus your brain power on security when you don’t have to. Investing in a commercial security system holds long term benefits for you, the business owner. With adequate security lighting, access control systems, burglar alarms and surveillance cameras, you would have one less thing to worry about. Having an alarm system notifies you when an unattended property is being intruded by burglars. You don’t have to be present on the property physically to look over it.


Let’s go through a few reasons why you should consider having a security system for your business.


1. Powerful deterrent

One of the first things burglars check in a home or commercial property of interest is whether it has an alarm system. The ones that do are at a significantly lesser risk of being a target for burglaries and intrusions. If the burglars spot an alarm system, they would look elsewhere. Even if they don’t spot it, the sensitive security system will blare out alarms as soon as it detects their presence in the premise.


2. Reducing theft within the company

If your business deals with the general public, it is vulnerable to theft. Theft in companies usually occurs internally. Employers may embezzle and there have been several cases where the employers keep stealing from their employees for months or even years without anyone noticing. If an employer steals for the first time successfully, they are almost always tempted to try again. A strong commercial security system prevents them to do so and lets the employer know of any fishy business happening within the company. Similarly, if your shop has products on display, you are vulnerable to customers stealing unless you have CCTV cameras and alarms installed.


3. Peace of mind for business owners

A business owner knows how difficult it is to build a business from the ground up and break ins are one of the worst things that can happen to them. With an automated security system, business owners need not worry one bit about security related issues. Any security concerns that arise are detected and managed immediately through commercial security systems and their operators. Commercial security systems can relieve a business owner of all security related aspects so they can focus their energies on constructive work!


4. Protection from fraudulent claims

It is not uncommon for employees to file fraudulent claims against big business to make some money out of the ordeal. However, if your business is covered by a commercial security system, with CCTV cameras, you will have solid evidence on your hands to prove otherwise. Therefore, if God forbid, an employee claims to suffer from a workplace injury or other false claims, your CCTV coverage will keep you covered from the possibly adverse consequences of such situations.

4 Ways to Protect Your Home from Burglars

4 Ways to Protect Your Home from BurglarsWhether you live in an urban downtown or a nice suburb, you can never be too sure when it comes to burglaries. If there are ways to get inside the household with minimum attention at a time where no one is around the house, a burglar interested in your house will find it somehow. They are always on a lookout for any opportunities they can get to make their way into the house and rake in as much valuables as they can.


Burglars have come up with more clever ways to carry out theft in a systematic manner that involves minimal risk. They may look for expensive cars parked in the drive way, check that house out for points of entry, then mark a nearby post or the letterbox. The trespassers will then come in the dark of night, knowing which house to target.


No matter how intricate their methods get, you can always outsmart them with some ingenuity to secure your household. Let’s go through some of the ways to protect your home from burglars.


1. Make sure the doors and windows are locked before going to bed

As measly as this one may seem, the number of homeowners that take this basic preventative measure for granted is staggering. Around 40% of break ins occur without the use of force. So, the least you can do is make sure that the deadbolts on the doors are shut close and the windows are locked close as well. When choosing windows for your home, keep security in mind and go for security geared designs.


2. Don’t be a show off

Most of the burglars do their research first, and if you have expensive electronics being flaunted by the front window, your home is going to be a viable target. You don’t want to be loud about your possessions whatsoever. Additionally, be mindful of how you discard the packaging or boxes of your huge flat screen or other electronics. Do not leave them out to wait for the garbage man to pick up. Cram it in the garbage bin if you have to but don’t leave it on display. You also might want to keep the living room flat screen in a not so easy to spot area from the front window.


3. Get a dog. A small one will do just fine.

Dogs make great companions and guards. When you think of a guard dog, the first few breeds that rush to mind are Rottweilers, German Shepherds and Doberman pinschers. Even though large scary guard dogs can scare away burglars, smaller breeds are sufficient too. No matter what kind of dog you have in the house, it will complicate the situation for the burglar and he would not want to get involved since they usually look for easy jobs.


4. Install a CCTV system

CCTV systems are a lot more inexpensive now than they used to be a decade ago. No matter how small your house is, CCTV cameras can cover your entire property and give you a live feed on a monitor you can place in your garage or the kitchen. Burglars stay clear of homes equipped with CCTV cameras and if a robbery does take place, the footage will be helpful to the police to track down the culprit.

5 Effective CCTV Maintenance Tips for Practical Use

CCTV Maintenance TipsRampant crime rates and insecurity are major issues in the modern society. In order to prevent trespassing, vandalism, or theft, security guards would be hired to keep an eye on the premise property. However, CCTV systems have revolutionized the way we safeguard our private properties. You no longer need to have people physically present in the vicinity to be monitored. Each and every part of a property can be closely monitored by setting up CCTV cameras around the property to secure yourself. However, you don’t want to end up having an expensive yet ineffective CCTV surveillance system. This is why it’s maintenance should be a top priority for optimum function.


Let’s go through the CCTV maintenance checklist that you can use to ensure your CCTV system is working at its best.

1. Is the lens clear?

CCTV cameras are often neglected and endure the harsh elements of nature over time. Your CCTV system may be systematically perfect, but if the camera lens is smudged or dirty then it is of no use. In order to make sure you have a video feed at all times, look for dust, water spots and smudges on the lens of all your cameras and clean the debris right off, preferably, with a CCTV camera cleaning solution.


2. Is the landscape trimmed?

In order to have a clear and vast over sight of your property, you need to keep obstructions to a minimum. If bushes and trees are left unattended, they can take up a lot of space and block off everything behind them. Make sure that all the vines, trees and bushes near your CCTV camera are trimmed and don’t obstruct the camera.


3. Is your power supply good to go?

In the event of a storm, it is important to check the power supply to the CCTV system. If it is connected to a UPS, then make sure its battery is fully charged. Not checking the power supply thoroughly after an unwanted natural event can result in loss of power for the CCTV system and from that point on, it would be futile until the power supply is corrected. You might want to check whether the cameras are supplied with their recommended voltage using a voltmeter. If it isn’t, your camera is going to malfunction and fail often.


4. Is the wiring in good condition?

The wiring and cables of a CCTV system are just as important of a component as the cameras. Check whether the wiring is free of fray and wear. Because the wiring is laid outdoors too, it needs to be properly insulated. Additionally, the connectors and cable entry points are the two main areas where loose wiring problems occur so check them to ensure the wiring is positioned correctly. The coaxial connectors must also be insulated. Furthermore, to maximize the input from the cameras to the control room, checking the transmitted video signal is one of the best things you can do. The signal must be free of distortion, EMI and rolling.


5. Is your DVR clean?

Over time, DVRs can accumulate layers of dust over them and this can take a toll on its performance. Wipe your DVR regularly to prevent dust from depositing in the first place. It is best to use microfiber cloth for wiping. You may also use a blower for those hard to reach crevices.

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