The Common Problems with CCTV Cameras and How to Troubleshoot Them

Common Problems with CCTV CamerasLooking to install security equipment at home to keep the intruders at bay? CCTV cameras can just be the thing you’re looking for.


While CCTV cameras are definitely effective, they may have some flaws. Unless you know how to troubleshoot those issues, you should call professionals to repair CCTV cameras.

Here are some common issues that arise with security cameras and how you can fix them:

The LEDs Aren’t Lighting Up

LEDs on IP cameras indicate the transmission of data across the network. If the LEDs aren’t lighting up, it can
be due to a disconnected lead or the network may be temporarily down.

Whether the camera is powered by a battery or works with electricity, make sure it receives the appropriate wattage.

You Can’t Connect to Your IP Camera

IP surveillance cameras facilitate you to watch live CCTV footage on your smartphone. But if you can’t access the camera via the network, it indicates something is wrong with the security system.

Find out the IP address of the camera. Open the DOS command prompt on your PC and enter ‘ping’ and this IP address. If you can ping but can’t connect with the IP camera, then you may be entering wrong login credentials.

However, if the message “Request Time Out” appears, then it means the device isn’t configured properly on the network.

False Alarms

You installed a security camera in your backyard to enhance security, but it generates an alarm when birds fly past it or tree branches move with the wind. It’s referred to as a false alarm.

False security alarms are usually produced due to the wrong installation of devices or malfunctioning of the system. You can use its mask feature to prevent false alarms. But if you don’t know how to activate this feature, then the best option is to contact a professional security service provider.

Videos or Images Are Blurred

If CCTV images and videos are blurred, then you should clean its lens. The accumulation of dirt or dust and spider webs can affect the quality of videos.

For varifocal security cameras, you need to adjust the focus and zoom settings from time to time. Otherwise, the images and videos from CCTV cameras may not be clear.

Images and Videos Are Too Dark

If videos or images from CCTV cameras are too dark, then you can resolve the issue by customizing its settings. Adjust its brightness and contrast levels or install it to another location where it can capture brighter images. If the camera has an adjustable sunlight, slide it backward to let in more light.

Resolution settings of CCTV cameras also affect the quality of videos and images. If your camera is equipped with a low-quality lens, it won’t be able to record clear videos or images. If you’re using a lens of 4-megapixels or more, the resolution settings should be at least 1920×1080.

You can resolve minor issues with CCTV cameras on your own. But for more complex problems, your best bet is to get in touch with professional CCTV maintenance services.

The Benefits of Wireless Security Systems

Detect Hidden Surveillance CamerasIf you are overseeing a major overhaul or renovation of your house or are simply moving in to a newly constructed home, you may be searching for an effective security system. We would strongly urge you to choose a wireless one. Allow us to explain why.


There are various advantages of selecting the wireless option, even when compared to wired systems. We will delve into these below:


Remote Control

One of the foremost benefits of a wireless home security systems is that they are able to control the system remotely. Users can operate the locks of their doors and regulate the lights from anywhere. The advent of technology has meant that you can control your security system easily, even if you are miles away from your dwelling.


All you need is a cellular phone, tablet or computer. These gadgets can be used to connect to the wireless controls remotely. Once this is made possible, users can manage the rest. The ability to unlock your front door to let your guest inside or turn off a light that a family member left on accidently is made extremely convenient owing to the remote capability of
wireless systems.


Remote Check in

Wireless systems also allows users to check in remotely. They are able to check on their homes from anywhere. For instance, when they are at work, they may use their smartphones to view their security cameras.

Wireless system users may even control the camera angles remotely and may pan or tilt it to get a better view of proceedings. They can also check in to ensure that the lights are turned off, doors are locked safely and even check the thermostat and set it to an appropriate temperature if need be.


Smartphone Notifications

Another discernible advantage for users of wireless home security systems is that they are able to receive notifications on their
smartphones in case something major transpires in their home while they are away.

If an incident occurs while residents are at work for instance, the wireless system mechanism will alert them promptly. Examples include any unexpected event such as a fire which would mean the smoke alarm would go off.

Alternatively, it could even be mundane activities like family members arriving home. Those responsible should program their wireless security system to notify them each time the door is unlocked or accessed or if an attempt is made to disarm their security system or if the cameras detect suspicious activity. In all the aforementioned cases, residents will be notified so they can make immediate arrangements like calling the authorities.


Programmable Features

Yet another advantage is that the attributes of a wireless system can be programmed by the user. For example, a wireless
thermostat is able to link with the local weather forecasts and adjust the temperature accordingly. Another instance is that your bedroom lights can be configured and turned on when your alarm goes off.



Technical Components of a CCTV Camera

CCTV Security Protect Your HomeClosed Circuit Televisions (CCTV) cameras are used worldwide, such is their popularity. And why wouldn’t they be? CCTV cameras are essential and effective security measures for the public. For example, if there is an unfortunate incident in a retail outlet, CCTV cameras may be used to apprehend those responsible.

Our discussion will focus on the internal components of aCCTV camera.


Security Cameras

Naturally, the camera itself is a decisive component of a CCTV system. However, not all security cameras are the same and neither are their attributes. There are several security cameras on the market and it depends on users which one they select.

Examples include a bullet camera, covert camera and PTZ camera. Regardless of the type, the user must determine which one they purchase. Features that must be considered include resolution, power type, lens type and mounting option.

In general, security cameras can be mounted rather easily. Also,it is facile to power them and they can be connected easily as well.


Security DVR

This represents the heart of the CCTV camera. The Digital Video Recorder captures the video and stores and manages it as well. The security DVR is typically equipped with a software that is pre-loaded to give users the freedom to regulate each security camera independently.

Every security camera has to be connected to the DVR through cables. They are generally available in 4, 8 and 16 channel configurations and each camera is assigned its own channel. Therefore, it is imperative to choose a security DVR that supports the total number of security cameras you are looking to install.


While some DVRs have faster recording speeds, others areequipped with additional storage, features or lengthier warranties. Purchasinga CCTV system is a significant investment which is why experts recommendchoosing a DVR that has the best warranty.


CCTV Cable

This is the cable that is used to attach the security cameras to the DVR and their power supply as well. Professional installers may use different types of cable when executing the configuration of CCTV cameras in your home.

For instance, the Siamese cable is a combination of twocables that are fastened together to create a single cable. It boasts an RG59coaxial cable and an 18 gauge 2 conductor power cable as well. This is just oneexample of a CCTV cable.


CCTV Power Supply

A CCTV power supply enables users to power the security cameras. These power supplies are usually available in 24VAC or 12VDC power types and they come with different voltage strengths. Buyers need to assess the amount and type of power their security cameras need and select the appropriate power supply to support them.

CCTV power supplies come in single, 4, 9 and 16 camera configurations. This is the point where the power cable is connected to one end, while the other end is connected directly to the security camera. CCTV power supplies are easy to install and maintain as well. They are also durable and last for a long period of time.


How to Perform Security System Maintenance

You may have heard the phrase that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. In essence, the same could be said about the security system you have installed at home. Your system is only as strong as its weakest component.


Residents who fail to maintain their security system may pay a hefty price. It requires regular maintenance to ensure that it functions optimally. For instance, it may warrant a change of battery. We will look into the measures that inhabitants can take to keep their security system in working order.


Test the Control Panel

The control panel is the cerebral part of your security system. The signals transmitted by each sensor pass through it and it is able to interpret these signals and activate accordingly. Each panel is equipped with a test mode which is designed to run an automatic diagnostic as a maintenance measure.


If you not want to engage in a DIY activity and want to consult a monitoring service instead, then that can be arranged as well. Also, you must notify them in case you are planning to run the test mode diagnostic. This prevents any instance where the service may send police in case the alarm is activated during the test.


It is equally important to visually inspect the control panel and conscientiously examine it for any loose hanging wires or signs of potential damage.


Perform Regular Checks

Executing checks on a regular basis is beneficial as well. Home owners should inspect their house. For example, they may study the locks on all doors and windows. Additionally, checking the frames of each door and window to ensure that there is not warping or any other impact that would make foreign entry easier.


Seeing the sensors on every door and window is also an excellent ideal. Sensors are held together by adhesive, so they only require slight fastening from time to time. Also, wireless sensors are battery powered, which means their batteries may need testing and/or charging as well.


Inspect the Cameras

If cameras are included in your security and there are potent chances that they are, you may want to examine these regularly as well. Since cameras are vital when it comes to surveillance and recording footage, residents must check that they have adequate power and have not been vandalized by strangers or intruders. The recording device must also be checked since footage may be needed in the unfortunate event of a burglary.


Examine the Lights

Another important probe that home owners must make when verifying their security system is to see if all the exterior lights are in working condition. This is decisive to ensure that all lights attached to the security system are fully functional.


For instance, a strong breeze has the ability to cause security lighting to shift ever so slightly, which may entail that they are not aimed properly. A simple readjustment would suffice in this case to maximize their effectiveness.

Different Types of Exterior Security Lighting

Lighting is an integral component of a home’s security protocol. They prevent unauthorized individuals from entering the premises and also provides brightness in areas which are otherwise considerably dark, especially during the night.


It goes without saying that burglars deliberately target residences which are not luminous. This means they are probably unoccupied, which makes them ideal for a break in to be staged. On the other hand, a well-lit home is less appealing to criminals.


To avert such scenarios, residents can configure various types of lights at their homes and offices. We will look at the prominent types below:


Motion Activated Exterior Lights

If home owners are seeking an exterior light that serves the purpose of safeguarding their property and is cost effective as well, then they should purchase a motion activated exterior security light. This type of light does not affect your utility bill significantly either.


Unlike other exterior lights which are switched on throughout the night and consume considerable energy in the process, motion activated lights, as the name implies, are only triggered when they detect movement in the area.


Typically, motion activated lights are placed at entry points, backyards and areas like the swimming pool as well. Furthermore, these should be a fixture in places where they are not exposed to environmental elements like rainfall, snowfall, and sunlight.


Solar Flood Lights

If residents are searching for environment friendly lights, they need not look further than solar flood lights. These exterior lights work in the same way as any other light with the notable exception of power supply.


As the name suggests, these lights acquire their energy supply from the heat of the sun, which it turns into solar energy and uses that energy to power its LED bulbs. No electrical outlet is needed when it comes to solar flood lights.


Therefore, if occupants of a house configure solar flood lights, they are able to lower their energy bills significantly as well. The vast majority of solar flood lights are independent units which do not require wiring.


Halogen Exterior Flood Lights

Halogen lights rank as one of the most common exterior security lights that you are bound to find in residential areas, as well as commercial buildings and industrial structures. Halogen exterior flood lights emit a potent light at the flick of a switch. Those who are looking to save on energy bills should note that these lights consume more energy than most other types.


Fluorescent Exterior Lights

Another model which is considered a conventional exterior security lighting are fluorescent flood lights. These are easily available at any general or hardware store. All that you need is a few fluorescent light bulbs, electrical wires, switch, an electrical socket and bulb sockets. Additionally, you can also use various lighting fixtures such as a dimmer and a timer to create your own home-made fluorescent exterior light.

How does a Video Door Phone Ensure Safety?

CCTV Security Protect Your HomeThe importance of securing your dwelling cannot be overstated nearly enough. It goes without saying that residents look to ensure complete and autonomous control of their abode. The average household attracts visitors, both of the expected and uninvited variety, and pedestrians may go past the entrance dozens of times on a daily basis. Not to forget that guests seek entrance by ringing the door bell, which entails going to the door to grant them access.


However, that does not have to be the case any longer. Technology has provided automated solutions which allows occupants greater ascendancy when it comes to home living. One of these facilities are video door phones. These efficient appliances allow users to manage their visitors effectively and conveniently as well.


Guarantees Peace of Mind

Video door phones give inhabitants a higher semblance of safety. Not a single dweller would deny the significance of measures aimed at protecting their homes. For instance, like we alluded to earlier, the average household beckons guests, strangers, delivery riders and salespersons as well. In these cases, consider the conventional method of walking to the door without knowing the identity of the visitor and then having to deal with their requests.


The other, more viable option is to use door entry systems and manage your guests without difficulty. Residents can use video door phones to conduct proper conversations with any visitor at their door step before opening the door to them. Additionally, two way audio communication facility as well as video conferencing options give users peace of mind.


Assures Safety

Those who are concerned by frequent visitors and the overall security of their home can take advantage of door entry systems. Video door phones allow residents to gauge the identity of their guests and speak to them with regards to the purpose of their visit, if they are unable to recognize who is at their door. This facility also includes inbuilt audio communication, which enables residents to correspond with their visitors without opening the door.


Smart Monitoring

Door entry systems also provide a sense of security when residents are away. For example, adequate video door phones ensure smart surveillance and home inspection capabilities. They are equipped with motion sensors, security systems and viewing apps as well, all of which augment security even more. For example, door entry systems may also be connected to smartphones if the app is installed. This means that residents can keep a constant eye on their property. Imagine a scenario where they are away for an extended period, such as a vacation. They may feel the need to check their home and can access their door entry systems and obtain live images of their house, thousands of miles away!



That leads us to the point regarding remote access. Video door phones are not just meant to allow access to visitors. Door entry systems can also integrate with existing home security measures, a fact which makes home management extremely facile. If residents are away, they can still let their family and friends enter without interruptions.



The final factor we will consider is that customers now have multiple options available to them. They realize the importance of security measures and want what’s best for the wellbeing of their loved ones. Featuring digital controls, potent ringers, smart receivers and two way video capability, door entry systems are more than a sufficient instrument for home security.

Different Types of Commercial Fire Alarms

Fire AlarmResidential properties or commercial buildings – all need security measures to keep occupants safe. Whether it is CCTV systems or burglar alarm systems, they ensure that the safety of the premises is intact and the inhabitants have no cause for concern.


Another type of alarm that can alleviate potentially stressful situations for residents are fire alarms systems. It is beyond any resident’s control to forecast when a mishap might transpire. For instance, if there is a short circuit or a gas leak at the property, residents may be unaware and may not realize until they smell smoke or see a fire burning inside their dwelling. Therefore, fire alarms are a valuable commodity as they can prove particularly useful.


We will take a look into the categories of fire alarms available for installation in properties.


Automatic versus Manual

First and foremost, there are two broad classifications of fire alarms: automatic and manual. In case of the former, when there are signs of smoke or heat, they emit an audio visual alert to notify residents that there is a fire in progress so they can either extinguish the fire before it escalate or evacuate the property if the situation is beyond saving.


The other type is called manual fire alarms. These are not as advanced and have pull stations situated in proximity to the property. When a fire starts and is detected by residents, they just have to pull the lever and alert the concerned individuals that there is imminent danger.


Commercial Fire Alarms

There are a varying types of fire alarms available on the market. We will look into the main types below.


Conventional Fire Alarms

These are typically wired to the same cable which connects to a fire alarm control panel. The panel delineates a signal when the alarm is activated. Conventional alarms are generally cost effective and are best suited for smaller properties.


This is primarily because they are equipped with a radical circuit which allows limited coverage. A separate alarm must be configured in each room and connected to a unified control panel. If a single alarm loses its connection, the entire system malfunctions.


Addressable Fire Alarms

On the other hand, addressable fire alarms are a modern version in contrast to conventional models. Its components have separate identifiers. For example, if a component initiates, it shows where the fire is emanating on the control panel. That makes it easier for residents to tackle the predicament of an emerging fire. This attribute makes addressable fire alarms better suited for large properties since it provides convenience. Residents do not have to scurry around their home or office searching for the fire, which may happen if they have installed conventional fire alarms.


Hybrid Fire Alarms

As the name indicates, hybrid models combine both conventional and addressable fire alarm systems. Technically speaking, the hardwired zone feature of conventional types is incorporated and merged with the loop circuit attribute of addressable fire alarms. These are connected to a unified panel. An integrated fire alarm enables users to upgrade from conventional fire alarms to addressable ones effectively and reduces the cost incurred at the time of purchase as well.


Wireless Fire Alarms

These come in either conventional or addressable systems. Their definitive attribute is that wiring is not necessary which makes these the ideal solution for properties where extensive wiring is not feasible, such as museums or listed buildings. Additionally, wireless alarms are easy to set up and provide an excellent short-term solution. With a range reaching 1.5 kilometres, they are also well suited to large properties.

Common Questions about CCTV Cameras

Common Questions about CCTV CamerasClosed-circuit televisions are systems in which the circuit is closed and not accessible to pedestrians. However, these cameras are used for monitoring public domains and densely populated areas. For example, these cameras are installed in places like retail outlets, banks and shopping malls. Our aim is to answer frequent questions pertaining to CCTV systems.


What are the Types of CCTV Cameras?

There are several kinds of CCTV systems that are used widely in a variety of settings. Each is equipped with its own attributes and advantages. For instance, features which determine which one is selected are indoor, outdoor, night vision, tilt and zoom respectively.


Motion Detection

Cameras with motion detection capability do not record round the clock. This means there is ample storage space. More importantly, these cameras sense movement and only carry out surveillance when an activity is in progress. The users of such CCTV systems are alerted if that happens.


Nanny Cameras

As the name suggests, a nanny camera is typically operated to monitor nannies and children when the parents are away from home. Surveillance is done but not divulged, since the cameras are placed surreptitiously.


Night Vision

Like nanny cameras, the name itself is quite self-explanatory. Night vision cameras may be installed either indoors or outdoors and elucidate dimly lit areas in the process of recording footage. In fact, this is a common element of most security cameras and CCTV systems in general.


Outdoor Cameras

The two prerequisites to qualify as outdoor cameras is that they should be able to withstand water and possess the facility of night vision. In principle, these are used to observe front and back doors, yards, sheds and other areas in proximity. They eliminate the need for occupants to be present in person.


Fixed and Tilt/Zoom Cameras

The primary difference between fixed cameras and cameras that can tilt, pan and zoom is that the former is only equipped with minimalist features. They do not have features that allow them to zoom into objects, pan, or tilt left and right. On the other hand, tilt/zoom cameras are able to move. They can be positioned and repositioned accordingly, either remotely or by hand also.


Wi-Fi Cameras

The most frequently used cameras on the market are Wi-Fi enabled ones. They allow remote access and users can monitor proceedings even if they are away. This can be accomplished remotely on a mobile device. Once the app is installed on your smartphone and the CCTV systems are configured, users can see live footage on their cell phones.


Can Security Companies Access Household Security Cameras?

The short answer to this question is no. Firms that provide CCTV systems cannot see the images and footage that are recorded inside or outside a home. However, if these companies offer video monitoring as an additional facility at the time of joining, then they may be able to see recordings.


How is Footage Stored?

There are four main ways that surveillance is recorded. These are DVR (Digital Video Recorder), cloud services, memory cards and direct to computer as well.


Are Cameras Entirely Wireless?

Not all cameras have wireless capability. The vast majority of cameras require an electric source and must be plugged in to function properly. Also, battery operated ones may be wired directly into a DVR or another system so that recorded media can be transferred and viewed.

Benefits of a Home Intercom System

Home Intercom SystemWhether you live independently or collectively, in a flat or a villa, home security measures are a must have. Fortunately, one of the various modern amenities that technology has contributed include intercoms and door entry systems.

Intercoms are a convenient appliance that are widely available courtesy of advances in home automation. They are available in a variety of options and provide additional security for residents against unwarranted visitors such as burglars.


So what exactly are the advantages of home intercom systems? We take a look at how they ameliorate domestic security.


Augment Security

It goes without saying that intercoms and door entry systems provide an element of greater control and security. The addition of video to the intercom adds another safety layer to the household. Occupants can easily ascertain the identity of their visitors and detect if there is any suspicious activity occurring outdoors.


Detection and verification of guests, whether they are of the welcome or unwanted variety, is imperative. Also, if the intercom is also installed outside, it gives home owners a blanket of security as well. They can speak to their guests to corroborate their character before letting them enter the premises. Last but not the least, another way intercoms serve as sufficient home security measures is that they are deterrents for thieves who may be canvassing the area and planning a burglary imminently.



Convenient Devices

Intercoms are fundamentally user friendly as well, which makes these gadgets a worthwhile investment. Inhabitants are able to unlock doors from various points of the house once intercoms and door entry systems are configured properly. Video facility also guarantees that they can confirm who their visitors are without the need to venture to the entrance. In simple terms, installing intercoms in your dwelling can make your life a lot simpler. They promote comfort and greater peace of mind for those who are indoors.



Furthermore, significant advancements have been made to intercoms since they were first devised. Initially, when intercoms became commercially available, the technology was just limited to a speaker and microphone. Naturally, with the passage of time, considerable upgrades have been made.
That means these gadgets now have additional features, which include video surveillance and that also with high definition broadcast. Other attributes are key card systems and voice activation as well. Now imagine an intercom system that combines all of the above! Such an apparatus is a potent weapon against assailants.


Monitoring Activity

Additionally, intercoms provide residents the benefit of oversight. We are stating that from an indoor perspective. For instance, placing intercoms inside gives parents the ability to keep a watchful eye on their children, particularly infants and youngsters. When they journey outdoors in the garden for example and the parents remain inside, they can still monitor their actions.


Such a facility will surely make the parents feel at ease regarding the safety of their children. If an unfortunate circumstance arises, they can immediately tend to their children as well. Also, parents can have a telephonic conversation with their kids via intercoms in case they do not possess mobile devices.



Intercoms can make your residence more productive as well. Households become more facile. For example, managing a person who has a disability and is wheelchair bound or considerably immobile is easier if intercoms are installed. They facilitate communication throughout the house without commotion.

How to Find the Best Burglar Alarm for your Property

Best Burglar Alarm for your Property
Burglar alarms are one of the foremost appliances that are mandatory in households. Installation and configuration is imperative as these alarms represent an essential aspect of an effective home security system.


Given the wide variety of options of burglar alarms available in markets, it can be an arduous task to determine which one fits the bill. Our aim is to specify factors that must be considered when deciding which burglar alarm is appropriate.


Reliable Manufacturer


This rule is applicable when purchasing most products really. If consumers learn to trust a certain brand, they are loyal to the commodity and company as well. Burglar alarms are no different. A reliable provider must be located when seeking a dependable burglar alarm.


In the United Kingdom, companies that are members of the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) or the Security Systems and Alarm Inspection Board (SSAIB) have licence to install a burglar alarm as per the standards set by the police. This is done for a police response in case of emergencies. Naturally, security companies with a proven track record when it comes to burglar alarms are the best bet for residents looking for a legitimate burglar alarm.


Consider Your Options

There are myriad types of burglar alarms that are worthy the investment. However, prior to selecting and buying the apparatus, customers should ascertain its viability.


Dummy Alarms

As the name suggests, these are actually faux burglar alarms and are installed for the sole purpose of deterring criminals. For example, it may augment a property’s security if an artificial box is placed in or out of the house. If a thief is surveying the property with hopes of a break in, they might think twice if they see an alarm system installed. They won’t know based only on appearance that the box is only an imitation.


Do It Yourself Alarms

Another cost effective alternate is to purchase an alarm that can be installed without professional intervention and does a respectable job in protecting the property as well. Those who invest in a DIY model do not incur installation charges and subscription fee also. However, experts suggest that given the severity of potential burglaries, it is best to let technicians from security companies handle the arrangement.


Wired/Wireless Options

For residents who are not looking to cut corners, it essentially boils down to choosing between a wired and wireless burglar alarms. The former are typically available for respectable prices although their installation can drive up the bill. Also, these alarms are robust and come with low maintenance costs as well.


On the other hand, wireless alarms have sensor controls that connect remotely to the main console. Like smartphones and smart televisions, smart (wireless) alarms have also been introduced. They send a notification to the user’s smartphone in case of emergency, which has made them a popular option.


Home Insurance

Another important determinant to consider is home insurance. Insurance providers generally offer discounts on premiums in cases where the security is genuinely robust. Having adequate burglar alarms in place can mitigate the chances of theft, which minimizes the chances of insurance claims as well.

Furthermore, residents must ensure that they do not abrogate their insurance by ignoring their alarm. This is because insurers enquire about the alarm in scenarios when there is considerable risk, including the middle of the night or when the house is unoccupied.

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