Wired vs. Wireless Security Systems: Which One Is Better?

Your home is your safe place, but what if someday the safety of your home is jeopardised? It would be terrifying, right? The rise in burglary statistics shows that your home is not safe anymore. To ensure its safety, you may need to install security systems. According to Police.UK, homes that do not have proper security measures in place are 5 times more likely to become the victim of burglars in comparison to those with simple to no security measures.

So, if you are planning to invest in a security system for your home, you need to choose between wired or wireless sensors first. Most people go for traditional wired systems as they are considered to be more reliable, whereas some opt for wireless security systems because of their advanced features.

Although, in the end, the system that you choose depends upon your personal preference and the requirements of your home structure. Before investing your money in a security system, it’s important to know which one is the right choice for you.

Wired Security Systems

Wired security systems have been widely used for security since ages. They are also known as hard-wired security systems. The word “wired” makes it obvious that this system requires cable wires to get connected with other components of the security system for video transmission, internet connection, and power. In such security systems, cable wires run from the main camera and connect with the router of the sensor. This security system is complex and a little expensive. However, it’s ideal for large spaces or property as they can be linked with more than four cameras at a time. Therefore, many businesses and big properties prefer wired security systems.

However, one of the major drawbacks of wired security system is that it will only work when the power is on. It means it won’t be able to protect your home if the power gets disconnected.

Wireless Security Systems

Wireless security systems are the most advanced type of security equipment. They don’t require any cables or wires to run, which is why they are convenient and easy to install as compared to the wired security systems. Also, you can easily upgrade your wireless security system without spending a lot of money. These wireless security systems are connected to the main control panel through radio signals. It means the system won’t be needing cables for power, alarms, video transmission, and sensors.

They provide the same level of security as the wired system, but the best thing about these systems is that they won’t shut down in case of power failures. This attribute shows that they are more reliable than wired systems. Moreover, wireless security systems are more affordable as they don’t require proper wiring and fittings. However, its major drawback is that it can only be linked with four cameras at a time via radio signals – which means that medium to large property owners can’t fully protect their house with such security systems as they are limited in size.

No matter what type of security system you choose, your priority will always remain the same, i.e., complete security of your home or business. For that, you need a reliable system.

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Importance of CCTV Cameras at the Workplace

Installing CCTV cameras at the workplace is a norm nowadays and there are good reasons for that. In this day and age, it is imperative to take all possible measures to guarantee security and ensure there are no loopholes which can be exploited. As CCTV cameras are versatile and simple mechanisms to monitor and survey a large space with convenience, they have emerged as the most popular option when it comes to making a workplace safe and secure.

Here are the benefits of installing CCTV cameras at the workplace:

1. Employee Surveillance

A CCTV camera is a great tool to keep track of your employees at the workplace. From attendance to diligence and attitude with fellow colleagues, there are a number of things that you can inspect through the CCTV feed. A video feed will thus allow you to keep better track of their progress and overall profile. This comes in handy when deliberating on appraisals or considering redundancies.


2. Employee Productivity

Knowing a CCTV is watching you also compels employees to stay in line and do their work more diligently. Knowing that they are being monitored means they are less likely to play hooky and will work on their tasks with responsibility and diligence. Productivity will, therefore, increase without a supervisor breathing down their necks.


3. Video Evidence

CCTV recordings are a convenient and legally accepted form of evidence for any legal purpose. A CCTV recording may prove to be useful in resolving work disputes either between employees or between an employee and the business.


4. Theft

If your workplace deals with rapid exchanges of cash, then a CCTV camera will be a great tool to prevent any possible theft or duplicity by employees. By placing CCTV cameras at strategic locations, like aisles, you can easily check and see if any employee is stealing from work.


5. Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment at the workplace is a serious concern for not only the employees but the business as well. It is the responsibility of the company to take every possible measure to make their workplaces safer. Installing CCTV cameras is the ideal method to ensure this since they will record everything and even if an individual is alone in the office with someone, they will feel safe knowing the camera is watching them.
In case harassment does occur, then it will be caught on the footage and order will prevail instead of chaos from workplace accusations.
Install Today!

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Why Is it Important to Install a Door Security System

Commercial SecurityMany people don’t know this but door security matters a lot. It can literally save us from awful incidents of burglary, theft, home invasion, murder, etc. Most people take these issues lightly as they think such events can never occur to them or believe that they can handle the problem on their own.

So, the thing is, you can’t guarantee whether your house is completely safe. It is important to have someone watch over your house for your own security. Installing door entry system in your house or office can prevent home invasions and break-ins. With the increasing crime rates in the UK, it has now become necessary to install a system to protect you and your family. Door security systems are incredibly budget-friendly systems that can provide a great benefit to your home

Benefits of Door Security Systems

To understand the importance of door security systems, it’s necessary to learn about the benefits of door security systems.

It Will Ensure the Protection of Your Belongings

By spending a few pounds on security alarms, you will not only ensure the protection of your life but also of your belongings.  As we all know, setting up the furniture of your house/office is not an easy task. It takes a lot of effort and investment. But what if all of that furniture gets stolen? Having a door security system installed in your house can prevent intruders from entering your house. In fact,  you will also be informed about their presence outside your house.

It lowers the Risk of Break-ins

The most important factor of having a door security system installed is that it can lower the risk of break-ins in your home or office. Break-ins can endanger your life and can cause you a lot of financial trouble. Always trust Eagle Security Solutions to give you the most reliable and effective door security system in London.

It Will Give You Automatic Security Updates

The door security system will not only prevent burglars from entering your house, but it will also provide you real-time updates about the security of your house or business. This system is so smart and advanced that it will automatically inform you about an intruder’s presence near your house.

It Offers a Safe Environment

A door security system will keep the environment of your home safe and secure and will help you sleep comfortably at night because with a door security system, you are completely protected from intruders and house invasions.

Eagle Security Solutions is a leading name in the UK that provides the best security solutions for your home and business. You can always trust us for any type of home security issues. Always remember it is better to be safe than sorry.

Which Alarm System Is Best For You?

Home Security SystemHome alarm systems protect you, your house and family from burglary, theft, fire and water damage. But with so many alarm systems to choose from, you might be confused. Do you need a security/alarm system but don’t know how to decide which one is the best for you? Well, luckily, we’ve created a comprehensive list of things to consider, aiding you in your decision.


Perhaps the most obvious factor to consider when deciding on buying anything is the cost. It’s important to look for a company and a system that is reasonably priced with a good amount of features. Be sure to compare the monthly fees, installation and activation fees, and equipment costs.


Another important thing to consider when investing in an alarm system is the monitoring aspect of it. Not all monitoring processes are identical. There are three different types of security monitoring methods available: landline, broadband, and cellular. While the first is the cheapest, it’s a bit slow. The second type uses the internet and is hence, faster. The last one is the fastest and the most reliable one.


One of the most important considerations is the installation. You can opt for professional installation or DIY Alarm Installation. With the latter, you have complete control. You can decide where everything goes. It also saves you money. The former, on the other hand, allows you to sit back and relax. Since a technician takes care of the entire process, you know that everything is done right.

Technology and Home Automation Capabilities

Home automation features give you more convenience and control. There’s a lot more you can do with the system such as turning your lights on and off, locking your doors, and adjusting the temperature with your connected devices.  If you want these additional features, you’ll need to purchase a high-tier alarm system.

User-friendly Equipment

It’s important not to get an alarm system which you can’t get the hang of. For instance, a system with impossible-to-mute beeps is definitely not good for you.

Wireless versus Wired

Whether to opt for a wireless alarm system or a traditional wired one is another decision you’ll need to take.  For this reason we’ve considered the pros and cons of each. Wireless alarms have battery-powered sensors, which communicate with a control panel via radio signals.

These alarms are easier to install and look better. They are easier to move around and less tricky than wired versions. However, these systems are typically expensive, as they require batteries for all components.

Wired systems, on the other hand, may be cheaper to buy, but they are expensive when it comes to installation: the wires need to be hidden so labour costs tend to be higher. And if the wires aren’t hidden, these systems look bad.

So now that you know the different factors to consider and their respective pros and cons, selecting the best alarm system for you should be easy. Eagle Security Solutions has a wide range of systems to choose from and we are sure you can find a good one here!

Things to Look For When Installing a Door Entry System

Installing a Door Entry SystemToday, door access control systems have become essential in the world, particularly in the business world. They are the best way to ensure that your premises are guarded at all times. Only authorized personnel have access due to this. However, you need to keep some things in mind when installing a door entry system.

1. Cost

Cost is one of the most important factors you need to consider. You should see if you’re spending too much to secure property that isn’t even that valuable. Be sure not to spend too much on a door entry system which doesn’t offer the right features.

2. Type of Authentication

Many door access control systems have a combination of access cards, keypads, card readers, touch pads, and locking hardware. These components may vary, however, depending on the type of authentication. The best and most effective authentication is biometrics. However, since the cost associated with it is high, be sure to only use it if absolutely necessary.

3. Wired or Wireless

Similar to other technology, door entry systems also have two options – wireless or wired. The wired door access systems allow you to connect a number of floors and zones to a centralised power source. Thus, you can access a large area through a single switch from the control room. Unlike most wireless systems, there are no compatibility issues here. However, the price of such an option is the usual concern as it is quite high.

Although wireless systems don’t cover large areas, they are affordable in comparison to wired ones. Thus, such systems are ideal for small offices, stores and places that don’t cover a large area. They are more susceptible to cyber attacks, though.

4. Objective

The purpose of installing a door entry system should be clear because it determines the security level required for installation. For instance, if you’re safeguarding high-value assets like communication equipment or some critical data, you’ll want to ensure that every entry, exit, window and opening is guarded so that the asset is not compromised.

5. Technology

Depending on your security objectives, you need to choose the technology best suitable for your door entry system. You can opt for cloud-based access through IoT model, wired or wireless connectivity to servers in the cloud, mobile-based access, or a combination of these technologies.

6. Back up Options

In case of malfunction, keyless entry systems have a backup key slot. In some cases, completely keyless ones are also available. For maximum protection against lock picking, you might want to invest in the entirely keyless options.

At Eagle Security Solutions, we have residential and office door entry systems which are available in audio and video options. We provide a range of quality door entry systems to choose from, and you’re bound to find one that will ease all your concerns.

The Latest Trends in Burglar Alarm Systems Today

Burglar Alarm SystemsCommercial security systems, as well as burglar alarm technology, is now developing at a feverish pace. In fact, the recent developments in this field have rendered many recent systems obsolete. After all, crooks are getting smarter as well and they know how to hoodwink security systems and burglar alarms of the older generation. Let us check for ourselves, which security systems are really ‘in’ these days and why.


Two Way Communication Systems

When is an alarm not an alarm? When it’s a two-way communication system. Sometimes, an alarm will trigger silently, and you might end up facing embarrassment from the well-armed cops on your doorstep.

However, the newest generation burglar alarm systems have erased this issue with the help of a two-way communication network. The key advantage of this system is that the first responders (private security agencies or cops) can easily confirm if an intruder alert has inadvertently tripped, or if it is the real thing.


Avoiding the ‘Control Panel Smasher’ Type of Criminal

Many an over-smart burglar has smashed the central alarm system’s panel in order disarm the whole home alarm security system. In the days when it used to work, such a raid was named a “crash & smash burglary” by the cops. However, today’s cutting edge systems are crash-proof and even a smashed central alarm panel will still trigger an alarm.


The Live Streaming Option

Instead of static CCTV cameras, today‘s energy and security-conscious homeowner is using multiple motion-triggered cameras that can detect movement and alert the homeowners as well as first responders simultaneously.

Wireless Burglar Alarm Systems

Up until only a few years ago, installing a burglar alarm meant drilling and running wires. These wires formed a spiderweb that connected all the various components of your intruder alarm system. However, the tremendous advances in wireless alarm technology mean that this is no longer the case anymore.
In fact, today’s ‘state of the art’ sensors used by high-quality alarm systems can be conveniently and safely attach to your doors windows, and even walls without the hassle of using wires or screws or even punching holes in the walls. This is of particular benefit for people who live in rented premises. You can simply pack up the system and reinstall it at another location without making any changes that would make your landlords angry.

24 Hour Monitoring Capability

Most of the older devices used to have short lifespans and required battery changes at frequent intervals. On the other hand, line-powered ones would not work in case of a power outage or when a burglar cut the power line. Today’s cutting edge systems provide 24/7 protection while consuming very little energy.


The features and trends mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many other advancements in burglar alarm systems and related technology that have enabled house owners to stay a step ahead of criminals.

The Best Places to Install a CCTV System in Your Home

Install a CCTV System in Your HomeToday’s high crime environment absolutely mandates the use of CCTV cameras. If you value your security, you should get a high-quality all-weather CCTV system for the protection of your home and workplace.

However, it is very important to understand that it’s not just the quality of the system that is important but also its placement as well.

Let us check out some of the best places where you can install your brand-new close circuit TV (CCTV) camera system.

The Exterior of the House: Front Door

Contrary to popular belief, burglars do not always sneak in via the rear window. It is possible for them to walk straight through the front door. It makes a lot of sense to install a camera at the main entrance in order to keep tabs on anyone that comes to your home.

The Back and Side Doors

The fact that you have installed a camera at the front door is no reason to believe that your back and side doors are also secure. In fact, just about any entrance that allows ‘out of sight’ visitors to enter undetected has to be covered. This is the best way to ensure that there are no uninvited visitors around.

The Garage and the Driveway

A day and night capable camera mounted at or near your garage and the driveway will help you to keep a watchful eye on your grills, bikes, cars tools, sports equipment, and also everyone that handles your stuff. If there is an access gate that allows entry to the driveway, then you should mount a camera there to spot anyone who might be attempting to gain entry without your permission.

The Front and the Back Yards

Monitoring your lawn and front and back yards will allow you to observe anyone scoping out your home from the street outside.  It will also help you to see the activities of your kids, animals, and even trespassers.

Common Areas in The Interior of The House

Placing multiple cameras in various gathering points like the living room, the den, or the kitchen will help you see what your kids and guests are up to when you are not around. It can also ensure that you will be able to observe the activities of the repairmen and other hired help as well.

In light of the above, we may conclude that a CCTV system an absolute must for the safety and security of your family. However, it can only truly help when it has been properly installed in the right places.

The Benefits of Having an Alarm System

Are you confused about whether or not to invest in an alarm system? Well, you’re in luck! We’ve listed a few benefits of an alarm system to help you see how useful installing one is. Alarm systems can be wireless or wired. Regardless of the type, they have numerous benefits for the place they are installed in.

1.     Constant Protection

Constantly ensuring your property is safe is difficult by solely relying on human means. In this regard, having an alarm system comes in handy. Alarm systems provide protection against threats 24/7. These threats are not limited to criminals, but also include unforeseen circumstances like fire.

2.     Strong Deterrent

Criminals who see that your premises are protected by an alarm system are less likely to actually rob you. Having an alarm system will ensure not only your safety, but also the safety of your neighbourhood.

3.     Uninterrupted Functionality

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of having a monitored home security system is the uninterrupted functionality. Your premises are being monitored at all times— something you cannot do on your own. These systems offer 24/7 monitoring, and can alert the emergency personnel if necessary.

4.     Protect Your Valuables

Perhaps the most useful and most sought-out benefit is the protection of your valuables. These could be any sort of items – something that is actually priceless or something with great sentimental value. Either way, with an alarm system, you no longer need to worry about whether it is secure or not.

5.     A Sense of Comfort

The aspect of comfort also increases if you know that every inch of your property is guarded externally and internally due to a strong security alarm surveillance system. Having a system record all activities happening on your premises lets you be at ease about your safety.

6.     Remote Surveillance

Security systems today allow you to remotely monitor the environment of your home, even while you’re away. You can do this via by the cameras installed around your home or control the door locks, lights, and other such devices.

7.     Decline in Insurance Costs

Insurance is normally very costly. Apart from not needing insurance since alarm systems discourage criminals altogether, there is another way to lower insurance costs. While a lot of first time homeowners are not aware of their home insurance policy, it is important to note that most insurance companies provide a large discount to homeowners who have a home security system installed.

8.     Reduced Energy Consumption in the House

Home automation is a relatively new concept, but it is quickly becoming popular. This service allows users to control and access the lighting, thermostat and sometimes small appliances at home through a remote. This is a beneficial feature for deterring intruders as it can make it look like someone is home when they are not.

Eagle Security Solutions has a number of different types of alarm systems you can pick from to get all these benefits as soon as possible!

The Benefits of Business Security Systems

Most companies lose millions of pounds because they don’t have a proper and reliable security system. Security systems have the ultimate power to catch fraudulent employees, criminals, shoplifters, etc. Therefore, without a security system, the risk of business damage increases. As we all know, robbery and burglary are on the rise in the UK and every business requires safety and security.

Business owners have a lot of things to manage on a daily basis; security management would be an additional burden for them. Hence, high-tech security systems are the best solution for businesses. Most successful business owners have installed security systems in their workplace. There are several reasons that make the installation of security systems beneficial for businesses.

Let’s have a look at some of the following:

1. It Can Protect Your Business from Theft

The most important reason for the installation of security systems is that they help to protect your business from burglary and theft. Security systems can easily capture the presence of intruders and burglars in your workplace. This means that they can keep intruders at bay by noticing their every move. Automatically, in this way, there will be fewer thefts and your business will be secured.

2. It Can Help to Increase the Productivity of Your Employees

If you have proper security camera systems installed in your office building, employees will be aware that their boss is observing them. This will prevent your employees from sleeping and misbehaving while they are working. Your employees would know that their videos are being recorded by the camera, which is why they will make sure to perform well and show their best behavior in the office.

3. It Will Attract Customers

Everyone loves a safe and secure working environment, especially clients. Having a proper security system in your workplace would keep your customers at ease as they know that there will be fewer chances of robberies and theft in the establishment. This will increase your customers and lead to business growth.

4. It Will Prevent Unauthorized Entry

Your workplace has certain documents and things that are highly important. Also, there are some confidential files that many business owners keep safe in their offices to prevent fraudulent activities in the business. Security systems will protect your office from unauthorized entry that may harm the future of your business.

5. It Will Help Security Authorities to Gather Evidence

One of the major reasons for installing security systems is that it can help police authorities catch burglars, thieves, and shoplifters that may have harmed your business. The advanced security systems can capture unusual activities and incidents in your territory and can help security authorities gather evidence against the culprit.

Now that you know the benefits of installing a security system for your business, we suggest that you get one immediately.

Choosing Between Sound and Silent Alarms

Alarm systems for burglars, robbers, home intruders, and vandals are mainly of two types: sound and silent.
Sound-based alarm systems emit a loud noise and warning like a siren or bells when they detect any unusual activity around the house. On the other hand, silent alarm systems instantly alert the authorities without making it obvious to the intruder.
There are numerous pros and cons of each alarm system and which one is better for you is really up to you in the end. Choose the right one according to your situation.
Sound-Based Alarm Systems

  • Sound-based alarm systems are more likely to scare off any potential burglars and intruder. Most burglars and thieves want to avoid confrontations and slip in and out discreetly so a loud alarm will send them packing.
  • Sound-based alarm systems will immediately alert you and allow you to take better precautions. You can call the authorities or attempt to escape.
  • Sound-based alarm systems will alert your neighbors as well, allowing them to protect themselves while calling the authorities or coming to your aid.
  • Sound-based alarm systems create a lot of noise and this could prove to be a nuisance if there are repeated false alarms or in an area with many wild animals.
  • In some rare cases, alarms could provoke aggression and fight response in home invaders and compel them to create hostage situations. The situation could be made more dangerous for you with the invader panicking.
    Silent Alarm Systems
    • They do not disturb the neighbors and the neighborhood thus they are more environmentally friendly.
    • They do not alert the burglar or invader. Therefore, they are more likely to be caught in time at the scene of the crime by the police.
    • The authorities are guaranteed to respond.


      • Because they have no sound, silent arms will not notify you as well. They could notify you through a phone alert or a blinking light but chances are you will be in deep sleep and unable to respond and better prepare yourself and your family.
      • Since they do not alert the intruders, they are more likely to penetrate much deeper into the house. This could potentially raise the threat and danger level if the intruder is armed and manages to reach you.
      • Since neither you nor the intruder is alerted, it could mean a possible confrontation occurs if you go to the toilet or to get water. This could rapidly escalate the situation than if you had known and kept yourself locked in.


Ultimately, there is no definitive answer for which alarm system is better. It is a highly contextual answer and must be dealt with on a case to case basis. If you live in or near London then contact Eagle Security Solutions today for all your private and commercial security needs. The numbers and email addresses for our different offices are available on our website. We look forward to welcoming you and hatching out the best alarm system for your needs and situation after conducting extensive testing and research.

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