CSL Dualcom

Dualcom GPRS G2, G3 and G4 Fire

Dualcom is a trusted product of CSL DualCom Ltd, which provides a range of alarm signalling devices for fire and security industry.  We offer a range of Dualcom signalling units including single and dual-path methods of alarm signalling from the secured premises to the Alarm Receiving  Centre (ARC). This includes DigiAir  and Dualcom GradeShift


DualCom DigiAir is a simple and reliable wireless digital communicator which utilises the renowned multi-network
DualCom WorldSIM® as standard to send signals from the protected premises to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) or remote central station.

DualCom DigiAir automatically transfers to the strongest available network in order to send and deliver the alarm signal, thereby offering the maximum, reliable performance from its single radio path.

It eliminates call costs and phone charges that are associated with the old landline digital communicators. It is future proof and conforms to EN Grade 2.

DigiAir is offerred as a simple upgrade to old digital communicator which is fraught with problems and for new alarm installation which requires wireless communication, particularly residential and small business.

Dualcom GradeShift

DualCom’s unique GradeShift® technology means that a single hardware platform delivers a product which fits all grades of security risk, from Grade 2, 3, 4 and fire.
It provides multiple signalling paths including GPRS, telephone and/or IP/TCIP and incorporates a WorldSIM which allows access to all four mobile networks as standard.

Dualcom GradeShift’s variants are:

• Dualcom G2 – designed for lower risk premises such as domestic or small business.
• Dualcom G3 – ideal for medium risk premises such as mid to large commercial installation
• Dualcom G4 – meets the most stringest of security regulations and is ideal for the high risks premises such as premium commercial installation.
• Dualcom GFire – designed for fire alarm signalling from the protected commercial premises to the Alarm Receiving Centre

Assuredly, each variant offers dual-path signalling which is favoured by insurers and police for its particular risks category.

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