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Home Security and Safety

We know your home and family are important to you, that is the reason you need to consider various security measures to protect your home and the safety of your family. Many of these home security and safety measures are basic, simple and inexpensive to put in place, such as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, security light and ESP GuardCam.  Home CCTV and wireless alarm systems also offer great benefits for home owners.

We provide a wide range of home security systems including home CCTV, Visonic Powermaster and Agility 3 wireless smart home alarm systems.

Powermaster Wireless Home Security Alarm

Powermaster Wireless Home Alarm

Powermaster 10 G2 is a compact home security and safety alarm system. With a superior range, a long battery life, ease of installation, built-in PSTN and optional GSM/GPRS or powerlink3 IP module and other innovative features, Powermaster provides a high level of security for the home and family. It supports smartphone connectivity and visual verification. Click the image to buy the package or for more info.

Agility 3 Monitored Wireless Home Alarm

Agility 3 Wireless Alarm With DigiAir ConnectedProtect your home and family with Agility 3 monitored wireless alarm with the latest CSL DigiAir Connected. DigiAir Connected allows you to connect your Agility 3 wireless alarm via Risco Cloud to our reliable Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) for 24/7 monitoring with keyholder and police response, as well as enjoy the benefits of end-user control of the system via smartphone app. Click the image to buy the package or for more info.


Home CCTV System

A simple high definition home CCTV system designed for home security and safety, which allows the home owner and family members to monitor their property or access the footage of events remotely from their smartphones or web browser. The AHD system comprises of  2 day/night IR dome cameras (up to 4 cameras can be installed), a 4 channel digital video recorder featuring 1TB hard disk, H264, USB back-up,  IR remote control, pentaplex, real time recording and smart phone connectivity and a power supply unit, professionally installed with 12 months parts and labour guarantee.

Price includes installation.



BPT Intercom

Secure the entrance door to your home, flat or apartment with a two-way intercom, enabling visitors to announce themselves before being let into the property. We offer a wide range of BPT audio and video entry systems and AES wireless intercoms.


Covert CCTV Camera

A wide range of high resolution covert cameras can be connected to your home CCTV system or working as standalone with recording on SD card. These include covert cameras in the form of a PIR, smoke detector, security light and many more.

ESP CanCam is a standalone surveillance IR camera with PIR motion sensor capable of rapid deployment as a covert camera for outside the home such as the garden.

ESP GuardCam and CanCam

ESP GuardCam is a all in one home security system that consists of PIR floodlight, digital camera, audible sound and a video recorder. It is a cost effective way of protecting the external areas of your home, particularly the front drive with your vehicle, rear garden, shed or garage. We provide a wide range of ESP GuardCam including wireless LED and WiFi.


CanCam is a battery powered high resolution surveillance camera with integral PIR detector, SD card recording and black infrared illumination. It is ideal for rapid deployment covert outdoor use around the home. Cancam can be set to time lapse or PIR mode to capture either still images or videos, with audio, recorded direct to an SD card for easy transfer of recordings.

Security Lights

Darkness around the home can provide a perfect cover for intruders and criminals but where there is light, darkness disappears. Having a security light with PIR motion sensor installed around your home can help to detect movement within the PIR’s area of coverage and illuminate the area for few minutes at a time.

We provide a wide range of security lights including installation for home owners.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a poisonous gas, also known as a silent killer because of its propensity to leak and travel within the home obviously undetected until it is too late.  That is the reason carbon monoxide detector is necessary and highly recommended  to be installed in every home. CO detector can be installed as a standalone alarm which activates upon detection of the deadly gas or as an integral part of a wired or wireless home alarm system.

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